Thursday, May 27, 2010


A post on driving? Yes, indeed. Driving was a big part of our trip - 40 hours to be exact. 20 there and 20 back. We broke it up into 4 days: 11 hours and 9 hours on the way there. 15 hours and 5 hours on the way back (we drove 15 hours to make it to Denver at 1am - thus letting us spend the entire next day at Denver, with no driving).

The drive there was spent in rain - pouring rain. For at least 15 of the 20 hours. It was insane. The drive back? Maybe 1 hour of rain. But perhaps 10 hours in constant blustering winds. Crazy mid-west! But the kids did so great, considering. It's fun for them even, because they get to watch movies that they hardly ever get to watch, eat fun snacks that I ordinarily don't buy them, listen to great Roald Dahl book on tapes (we listened to James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, among a few others), listen to Little House on the Prairie, plus other fun music CDs. The only real problem? Whiny Joe. He just could not fall asleep at night-time and would wake up every 15-20 minutes whining about his bum hurting. It was painful for us all. But all in all, the kids did amazing.

Greatly enjoying a movie!

The cool windmill. The scenery was pretty neat. At times.

The beautiful rainbow!

Looking at freshly-picked library books.

Eating their dinner - lunchables. So lucky!


Fun snacks.

The first nite driving out we stayed at a hotel - for like 5 hours of sleep. :) Here the kids are waiting for the car to come around since it was pouring rain. Love the picture. :)


courtney said...

oh, we have an 18 drive (each way) coming up in july. yuck. glad to see we just might survive it!

rebecca said...

I love road trips! They always seem painful as they approach, but then they're always not so bad. 40 hours is pretty long though - especially the 15 hours in one day segment. Glad you survived.