Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family and Random Pictures

Of course one of the best parts of our trip was just being with family. And, of course, I didn't get enough pictures of everyone. But we had such a great time with Laura and Jay and their wonderful family. They are fantastic people. And, as always, it was good to have Grandma Diana and Grandpa Max around, too. Our kids fell in love with their cousins. Here are just a very few pictures of family, as well as some random pictures thrown in:

Miles had to bring "pTeri" (as in pterodactyl) everywhere we went. So Miles.

Emmy with cousin Emily, also known as "Our favorite girl" (as called by all my kids).

Jonas hiding in the flower bushes at the temple.

The boy cousins all shucking corn together.

Curtis, another wonderful cousin. I'm sure you can see why they love him too.

Jonas hanging out, literally, at the temple steps.

Oh this park. This was heaven for our kids and probably would have made the 20-hour drive worth it to them for this alone (does that even make sense?). They have never been on a teeter-totter before and had The. Best. Time. Ever. It was awesome. And check out cute Emmy running to the swings. Oh the fun.

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erinmalia said...

uh, they've never been on a teeter totter? how is that even possible? come to my house. my neighborhood park has one.

i hope rhett enjoys his cousins this much!