Thursday, May 27, 2010

Historic Nauvoo

Nauvoo is a beautiful place. And the "historic" part of it is so nice and quaint and adorable. We didn't do all of the sites there, but enough for the kids (and myself). Ben could have done it all, twice. We really did have a great time touring the area; it's such a neat, neat area.

We took a wagon-ride that showed us all around historic Nauvoo. The next day we took a carriage ride through the country-side and that was really neat, too.

Riding on the wagon.

One of the kids' favorite places in historic Nauvoo was the "Pioneer Pastimes" area. Here there were games, toys, etc. that the pioneer children would have enjoyed and played with. My kids loved it all!


Oh I love this picture. This was some acrobatic monkey thing. It was pretty awesome. You squeezed the bottom sticks together and the monkey flips and such.

Oh this was another favorite - the climbing bear. All my kids just loved, loved doing this. You hold the ropes tight and the bear climbs all the way to the top. So great.

Pioneer boy Miles. So cute.

Pioneer girl Emmy. So cute.

Emmy learned that being a pioneer and pushing a wheelbarrow was hard work, too. Not just all play. :) Whoa girl.

Miles, the school boy.

Miles feeding sheep.

This was another "exhibit." The kids got to make rope here. We also learned about baking bread in the wall oven, candle making, etc. We did go to other sites, too - like the tin-shop, the gunsmith home, the bakery, the blacksmith, etc.

Good times in good ol' Nauvoo.


erinmalia said...

i meant to add these were awesome pictures too. you'd think that a big mormon attraction would HAVE to have something for kids; glad it didn't disappoint.

courtney said...

what great pictures - we spent a very short time in nauvoo on our way out to virginia. it is lovely.

Megan said...

We loved taking our kids to Nauvoo when we went to Matt's law school graduation. We were only there for a day and a half - not nearly long enough. So glad you were able to enjoy the trip!!!