Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Miles' Last Day of Kindergarten

Wow, Miles is done with kindergarten. Done. Crazy. It's only May 18th. Well, technically, the last day of school is the 20th, but since we are skipping out of town tomorrow it's Miles' last day today. Wow. He's a great, great school kid (I just wish he would be that way at home, too) and he had a great, great year.

Even though he has to miss out on "field day" (the official last day of school), he has gotten to do a lot of fun things these past few weeks - root beer float parties, movies, experiment-guy coming to his classroom, petting zoo at school, etc. Even today his class gets to walk down to the local children's museum - so he got to have a special last day, too.

Time flies when you're having fun. Here are some pictures of our walk to school today:

The "almost first-grader" (as Mr. James now calls his students) and his siblings. Wow, look at those smiles.

Crossing the street on our way to school.

Just sweet.

Really cute.

The kids are always stopping to smell the flowers on our walk to and from school. Sometimes it is just so sweet. Other times it just drives me crazy (we don't have forever to spend walking to and fro school ya know).

Scout joins us for the walk to school. (What's that on his face? It's called the "gentle leader" collar and it is brilliant. I love it.)

Anyways, it was a good year and we sure are proud of Miles.


erinmalia said...

you should have posted some of his first day too! wow. first grade. ALL day at school! eek.

i still can't get over how early y'all get out. chuck still has four weeks.

emily said...

click on my august 2009 archives and you can see his 1st day of school pics. :)

Niederfam said...

craZy. mitt is DONE too, Thursday was his last day!!! WOW. i cannot believe he'll be gone ALL DAY next year. i hope the summer doesn't pass too quickly.

raedene said...

Hang on to your hat, em, it's all going to fly by at the speed of lightning, now! :) I have a monumental year too. Skyler is done with elementary school. I officially have a middle school child. It's just wrong.... Wrong, I tell you! They should stay little forever! :) Although I am enjoying this stage as well. He has the funniest sense of humor and is, oh, so helpful. Love it.

rebecca said...

Time flies. Congrats on a great first year.