Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day to two of the finest. We have loved you from birth up to now.
(my mother and me - 1979)

(ben and his mother - 1992).

Now it is my lucky turn to be called "mother." By these three:
Lucky indeed - to have a wonderful mother, a wonderful mother-in-law, and to be a mother.

Yes, yes, Happy Mothers' Day.


Montrose Lewises said...

love getting to see Ben with hair! :D

erinmalia said...

that's a great picture of mom! i love it. and it's a good one with your and your kids! although, we can't see your belly. maybe you preferred it that way?!?!?

emily said...

no, i wasn't trying to cover up my belly. in fact, i should really showcase my huge belly on a post someday soon - before it gets gigantic (which won't be too far off).

Nicole said...

Love the pictures! The one of you and your mom is soo cute! And you and your kiddos for sure :)

annalea said...

what sweet pics! happy mama's day to you as well!

i am sending off the final giveaway banners and realized i don't have your address. if you could e-mail it to me (annalea_hart@yahoo.com) that would be great. thanks for your patience!


Niederfam said...

yay!!! it's great to be a mommy!!! even though it's exhausting!