Thursday, May 27, 2010


I just posted a whole slew of posts of our trip to Nauvoo. My nephew Elliot wedded his beautiful bride Ashly at the Nauvoo Temple and so we were able to go out there and enjoy the wedding and everything else that Nauvoo had to offer. Some of the favorite things (of Ben and mine) that we didn't get pictures of, but loved doing, were just visiting with Laura and Jay and also our morning runs there - and evening walks. It is beautiful country there. (But I could SO do without the humidity).

Oh, and one other thing that I failed to capture on film and thus need to document here: fireflies! One evening Ben and I went on a walk. The kids were up in their rooms for bedtime, but not sleeping yet. On our walk Ben and I noticed the fireflies (no, we don't have them out west!) and so we came home and got our children out of bed and showed them the fireflies. They were so excited. So excited! Jonas even caught about 1/2 a dozen of them - he was amazing! We put them in a jar, covered them with a paper-towel punched with holes. They survived for almost 24 hours. Pretty amazing. But that was so great.

I didn't get as many pictures as I should have of the family or the wedding (why we came!). But I got a whole bunch of others.

So enjoy - if you want to. :)


erinmalia said...

yes, that's the ONLY good thing about a maryland summer. did you wake up the kids or were they not yet asleep?

emily said...

they weren't sleeping yet. :)

Meg said...

So fun to see all of you. Your kids are adorable. Can't wait to meet little Miss *****. Glad you made it home o.k.

courtney said...

fireflies! can you believe that i saw my very first firefly ever when we were in nauvoo? we stopped there on our move out to virginia. they are pretty magical.

humidity. where do i start? will i ever adjust to it? will it ever get better? it is very hard to exercise in when you are/were used to breathing in thin, dry air. i still think it might be part of the reason the saints moved west...

rebecca said...

I miss fireflies!

Your morning runs and evening walks sound perfect. And the fireflies.

Is Colorado really west? :)