Thursday, May 06, 2010

Teachers are the Best

So Jonas is lucky like Miles was and gets to have Miss Cindy come to our home twice a month for a little bit of "home preschooling." It's a great program and Miss Cindy is even better. To read a little bit more of it, go here for my post last year with Miles.

Anyways, today was our last official visit for this school year - luckily we get to do it again next year. But about an hour before she came I decided to make this adorable basket I had seen and marked at this blog. I had planned on cutting her some flowers and putting it in a mason jar; the boys had both drawn pictures for cards. But then I remembered the basket and thought that would be perfect for our bounteous lilacs growing in our backyard.

It was really hard for the boys to actually weave their baskets - I pretty much did it all. But I love them. Here are some pictures (not my favorite of Jonas, but oh well. He can't always be picture-perfect. Just about, but not always.)

Do you like his trimming scissors?

Isn't it pretty cute? And the smell? Simply heavenly.


erinmalia said...

it's still pretty cute. we have lilacs on the corner of our house and i love having the door open so the smells wafts in! yum!

oh man, my word is "unably." as in, your kids "unably" made the basket. ha.

Niederfam said...

cute and i can smell it from here, heavenly indeed!!!

Mindy said...

yes, very cute. and I think the picture of Jonas is perfect too.

i {heart} hawkes said...

so springy with the flowers and shorts. it's stinkin cold here, last night 30 degrees. your lilacs are lovley.