Thursday, May 13, 2010


Things I Hate:

1. Aetna - our insurance company. Not only does it come with crappy coverage, it also comes with crappy customer service. (Really, pregnancy is not a good enough diagnosis to warrant an ultrasound to be covered? Really.)

2. Wind. It ruins a perfectly nice day.

3. Tantrums and whining before 7:30 am.

4. My new contacts. Supposedly better for my astigmatism and for oxygenation. But I'm miserable as my eyes constantly sting and water. Better be better in a week - like I was told.

5. Feeling fat. Even though it's "just pregnancy."

6. Sewing my first dress for Emmy (well 2nd - her 1st was for halloween, but it wasn't really put together per se).

Things I Love:

1. Sewing my first dress for Emmy. Yes, it is a love-hate relationship. I love it now that it is all done. But I hated it because I really stink at sewing.

2. Finishing up my work-outs and scripture reading by 7am.

3. Running with Scout (our new dog if you don't remember).

4. My kids laughing.

5. My boys trying to get Emmy to make her "scared" face.

6. This video.

And some pics:
Me at 5 1/2 ish months along.

The dress. I got the idea and tutorial from here. I think it really looks better in person.


erinmalia said...

whoa---you're really prego! i forget. :)

i still can't get over insurance NOT covering ultrasound during pregnancy. sounds like the stupidest thing in the world. don't they realize that this will cost them in the end?

what contacts are they?

emily said...

oh if you think that is "really prego" then you ain't seen nothing yet. not kidding.

i don't know what contacts they are. what do you wear?

Hans and Michelle said...

I hate Aetna too. It's what we have. It's "we'll cover you after you've paid upwards of your life savings" insurance.

Stupid. It would actually cost me less money to not be insured since I'd be given cash deals they can't give me since I'm on Aetna.

Whoops. Ranting.

Nicole said...

Sorry about your "insurance". Crazy ridiculous! But the dress is adorable. I didn't click on the link but I'm guessing it's by MADE?! Emmy will look adorable in it!! And you look cute too :)

i {heart} hawkes said...

i too am not a fan of wind. insurance blows, which is a form of wind which in turn makes me not a fan of that either. however i do like the scared face :)

courtney said...

i love the dress you made emmy! i have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine too. i love to think up projects, but then i hate doing them, and then sometimes i even hate how they look at the end. on rare occasions, i will like the end product. anyway...

i hate your insurance too. not covering an ultrasound is ridiculous - but your belly picture is fabulous.

rebecca said...

You look so cute!

I read (and love to hate) MADE too! Emmy's dress is super cute! Great job.