Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Well it's been awhile since I've done some updates, so I guess I'll do some now. I'll try and be brief.

Well I caught a pretty good "scared face" from Emmy. Not perfect, but good. She was just playing around and telling me about "monsters," hence the face. Love it. Emmy, like you've seen in another post, is now taking gymnastics. She's quite good - for a 2-year old, of course. She just has more coordination than her brothers. She's been rather cantankerous lately and that has been no fun. But when she's otherwise, she's a delight to be around. She's pretty much potty-trained, I guess. I still have to remind her and encourage her to go to the toilet all throughout the day, but she's been good the last week. Even staying dry during naps. (I still put her in pull-ups for bedtime, but she has been dry a couple mornings as well). She eats "oatmealt" every morning - as her first bowl (my kids all get 2 bowlfuls of cereal, with the 2nd being smaller). She's found a new hobby in hugging our 2 dogs - Scout just lets her, Wilson snarls angrily.

Jonas is fun. He loves his new helmet, apparently (Scout chewed his 1st one - but he didn't fit right anyways). He wore it on the car-ride to our field trip today (he did take it off before getting out though). I can't believe I haven't dedicated a post to Jonas and his achievement of riding his bike with no training wheels. It's been over a month since he's been cruising all over. Usually when we pick Miles up from school he'll ride his bike. Or his scooter. Every since going over to a friend's house that had a 2-wheeled scooter (as opposed to his 3-wheeled), he just had to have one. I told him that we would check out the store and see how much they cost ($30+) and then we'd check garage sales. We spent one Saturday looking with no success. But the next Saturday we happened upon a garage sale and got one - for $3! Yea. He's super crazy and fast on it. He's definitely coordinated, as well. We're still doing our "mommy 'n me" school. He likes it a lot. He can read a lot of simple words. He loves to write letters and "words." He drew a picture for Mr. James (I was having Miles do one for Teacher Appreciation Day) and wrote: LADEBUG. MESTR JAM. JONAS 4 MACSWL. Interpreation: Ladybug (that was his picture). Mr. James. Jonas 4 Maxwell. At first I thought he thought his middle name was "four," rather than "Ford." But he knows his name. I think he was referring to his age. He's cute.

Miles. Miles, overall, is wonderful. But he has many moments during the day that drive me absolutely insane. He loves school. Really. He's always happy when we pick him up and always tells me the things he did that day. He does great in school. Ben sometimes goes with him on Mondays and Ben's report is that Miles is really good. So I'm glad. Miles wants, wants, wants. He wants everything. From toys to cows - real cows. Wherever we go, he wants something. He gets completely excited about the tiniest of things. And he will play with teeny-tiny toys - a little bug, a cow eraser, etc. Miles is not super coordinated. He's not a clutz and is a very, very active boy. But he can't (or won't) ride a bike without training wheels - and, frankly, doesn't like riding his bike much anymore with training wheels because "it's wobbly." I know, training wheels stink. Oh well. He can ride the new scooter - not as wild and crazy as Jonas, but he has gotten better already. We've read a bunch of chapter books that my sister gave him for his birthday: "The Twits," "James and the Giant Peach, "Ramona Quimby, Age 8," "The Giraffe, Pelly, and Me," and we are currently reading "Runaway Ralph." I love it. He loves it. (And by "we" reading I mean me reading to him.)

Miles and Jonas just had their yearly check-ups. Miles wanted to have another check-up as soon as it was all done. He's weird. They both did great, though. I think they are both around the 5th and under percentiles for height and weight (no, I'm not missing a zero after that 5). Jonas is a little higher on the height and lower on the weight. They are small. Shock.

I'm getting bigger every day. I can't believe I still have 3 1/2 months left to "expand." Really. I could show a picture of myself days before I delivered Emmy but it is so shocking and has left me feeling a great desire to remain homebound for my last month. I get - okay, really my belly -gets incredibly HUGE. Seriously. Ben was dying when he saw the picture. It didn't help me feel any better.

Ben and I just completed a big backyard project we were working on - pulling up a side section that had been ground-covered and then mulched. So it was just an ugly spot with dry mulch and dead weeds and rose bushes. So we pulled up all that stuff (I actually did! Wahoo for doing something), turned the soil, Ben worked on the sprinklers and buried them and then we (Ben) put down sod. And bought an apple tree. I think it looks great and I love the extra space it gives our yard.

Ben is mowing some lawns this summer. My "Greener Acres" will have to be put on hold this year. Ben's not keen on it, just me. Instead, he went the other way and purchased a riding lawn-mower (a couple lawns he's gotten are quite large). So one week he mowed our front yard with his riding mower (his practice on the new mower, really) and I did the backyard with our push-reel mower. I think we both liked what we each did ourselves best (make sense?).

And I think that's that.


erinmalia said...

i didn't think your front yard would even be big enough for a riding mower. ha. rhett loves the pictures of your kids. so do i!

i {heart} hawkes said...

i love the scared face, so great! also, james & the giant peach is my alltime most favorite #1 book ever. i hope he liked it as well.