Sunday, June 20, 2010

Camp Dumpling

We christened the campsite Camp Dumpling because. . . lo and behold. . . we had chicken and dumplings for dinner. What a great name, eh? The camping area is close to where the boys went on their priesthood camp-out. Here are a bunch of pictures kind of in random order:

Going on a hike and crossing the cattle guards. It was tricky business.

Emmy "hiking" with Dad. What a nice ride she had.

The kids are so cute in the morning. They are just happy and playful. It's a good way to start the day.

Our campsite was really great. A great location with shade and sun and trees and open area, too. We love Camp Dumpling!

Another shot of Camp Dumpling.

The boys had come across this skeleton when they went on the priesthood camp-out. They were pretty excited to show me it. Interesting.

Cute girl enjoying a delicious s'more.

The boys' newest favorite thing to do while camping: play with "fire sticks." They put a stick in the fire and get it smoking. Kind of like sparklers.

A bloodied-nose monster on our hike. Grrrr.

I love Emmy's face in this picture.

Miles climbing up a tree limb. He was pretty nervous about going any further; my boys are none too brave.

This is as far as Jonas got. But it's still fun.

This was our little scavenger hunt we did. We paint these egg cartons at home and then go looking for nature things that match our colors. How pretty, huh?

Our first family camping trip of 2010 was a success.


Nicole said...

So cute! You are a trooper to go camping while pregnant! I would not be able to leave my own bed in that state!

The kids as always look so cute. They seem like they are having the greatest time ever!

erinmalia said...

fun fun! i'm jealous of camping weather. we have way to much humidity to even consider staying in a tent.

rebecca said...

I love Camp Dumpling! It looks perfect. What a fun family adventure. I love that Emmy has her blankie in several pics - I have a couple blankie addicts too. Your kids are just so cute. Can't wait to "meet" your newest girl.

i {heart} hawkes said...

looks way fun! i can't wait until my kids are a bit older, i hope mine love camping as much as yours seem to. the pics are all great!

Megan said...

I love the color treasure hunt idea...I'm stealing it. :)

courtney said...

love it! i want to go camping there too!