Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Fun Tuesday

So I found out, via some blog, about these "Free Family Film Festivals" held at Regal Theaters across America. I found a theater somewhat close to us - in Grand Junction. So I decided to take the kids up on Tuesday morning to see Wallace and Gromit. We left a little bit after breakfast and stayed for the whole day - well, we got back around 3:30. That's a whole day to me. :) It was fun and here are some pics of some of what we did yesterday:
Here the kiddos are in front of the theater. The movie was super fun and super cute. The kids got only slightly scared - not bad for my kids. Emmy lost interest the last 20 minutes, but had fun on the stairs. It was Miles' 3rd time, Jonas' 2nd time, and Emmy's 1st time at a theater.

After the movie we went to check out the new Cabela's that has opened up there. While not quite as grand as the one in Utah, it's a neat store and we enjoyed it.

Miles, of course, wanted this fish pillow. The kid wants everything. And believe me, I do not exaggerate when I say everything.

We stopped at this park, ate our lunch, then played some. This slide was a "pipe" I think.

They all loved it!

She's just too cute - even in my over-sized-for-her hat.

It was hot, though - like close to 100? So the kids had to break often in the shade and enjoy some juicy apples.

Crunchy yum.

Here they are playing "train." I do love my kids (even though I am hot, tired, and oh-so-grouchy at them today).

Summer shade is oh-so-welcomed.

After the park we went to Wendy's for some free junior frostys - I had some coupons, how nice. Then we headed back home. Emmy was asleep in less than 5 minutes. Miles 20 minutes. Jonas 40 minutes.

It was a fun day. I'm such a homebody and most of our days are spent in our backyard, or biking to the library or park or the new Great Harvest that opened a few blocks from our home (for free slices of course!). I do love being home, but it was good for all of us to go out and enjoy something and somewhere else.


erinmalia said...

so fun! i think rhett's a bit young for the free movies. next year i guess.

rebecca said...

Wow, yes - a long, busy day. So fun for the kids. I admire your willingness to take all three out into the world. If there's a long drive involved you have to be commited to the adventure. (I'm a homebody too and would usually opt to stay home if it weren't for the 6 people I live with who feel differently.)

I can't believe how grown up Emmy looks in these pictures. Must be her almost-a-big-sister status. I'm so hoping to get to meet these three and see you and Ben in a few weeks! We haven't worked out our travel plans yet, but we'll get to that soon.

Nicole said...

So fun! They look like they had a great time! DId you make Emmy's cute shirt? Looks like one I've made for Molly...darling! I love her facial expression in the one pic.

The great harvest by us no longer gives free slices :( how sad is that?!

courtney said...

what a great day! we've done one free movie here. i have to be committed to wrestling ada the entire movie in order to make it happen - but sam seemed to like it.

and hooray for fellow homebodies! we spend most of our time around our house & yard too. love.