Monday, June 14, 2010


Jonas just has the greatest sayings in the world. Too bad I don't always keep a pen and paper on me because I forget too fast what he says. But here are some of his latest:

The kids were being watched by Grandma Dixie and Grandpa G. My parents had taken them out to ride some bikes and scooters.
Jonas then says,
"Miles can go first. I am always the nice one."
He's right, too. :)

At the recent father-sons camp-out Jonas comes up carry a huge clod of cow poop in his hands.
"This would be great for the garden!"
He's right, too. :)

Miles got quite a little but prominent black eye (he ran into someone while playing at the ward dinner the other nite). Ben told the boys he had a picture of himself as a kid with a black eye. We had gathered on the couch to check out Ben's photo album and Jonas comes running,
"I want to see your black ear Dad!"
Classic Jonas.

We were sitting at the table eating dinner and I was reviewing what the kids had talked about in sharing time at Primary: the Holy Ghost. We talked about it for a while and the importance of listening to the Holy Ghost. Ben shared a couple of personal stories he has had.
Then Jonas says,
"I heard the Holy Ghost once say, 'Tickle my toes.' "


erinmalia said...

that last one is awesome. i wish the HG said that to me! better yet, i wished it told chuck to tickle my back. that would be the best.

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

I miss your boys in primary:( Love your post!!!

Melissa said...

that last one is classic!

courtney said...

what a crack-up! so fun to keep track of those funny things they say!

Nicole said...

love those!