Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Last Weekend

Last weekend was really great. We were able to attend one of Ben's best-friend's wedding - Christian. Finally. He married a beautiful bride and we wish them the very bestest of everything!

Oh they look great.

Here are some of the good ol' high school friends. A good-looking bunch - and pretty tall, too. (Well except for the groom and my hubby.)

This is a picture you'd see from all their weddings. Ben has one just like it. I'm not sure of its beginnings or its exact meaning. Support? Whatever the meaning, it's nice. (The extra boys - those not in the previous one - are Christian's brothers.)

Christian and Erin's sealing in the Logan Temple was real neat. Christian's Grandpa Burns was the sealer and so it was a really beautiful and personal sealing ceremony. Then at the wedding dinner later that afternoon we got to listen to the bride and groom's moms and dads (does that make sense?) give a little speech. They were all great, but it was especially neat to hear President Sabey (Christian's dad as well as Mission President in the Ghana, Africa mission) as well, via a speaker phone. He gave a really spectacular "talk." Ben, who obviously has a great personal connection to the whole Sabey clan, was loving every minute of this day. It was really great.

My parents watched the kids all day long - what troopers! They went to parks, rode a carousel, rode bikes and scooters, went on a train ride, played with clay, ate lots of go-gurts, etc.! Whew. My parents have more energy that I do. :)

Before we headed back home on Monday we stopped at the club house's pool. They have a perfect 1'3" - 1'6" depth pool. Perfect for my non-swimming kids (i.e., all of them). It was a good time:

The water was so warm - even at 9am! Must have been because it is so small. Nice.

Jumping in!


Good times surrounded by great people.


erinmalia said...

looks like a good trip. i'm jealous.

courtney said...

jealous indeed! how fun that you got to attend "the gang reunion tour 2010" that is christian & erin's wedding! and FINALLY is right! it is about time. they look fantastic and we're so happy for them! thanks for posting all this - very fun to see all the old crew again. ah, memories. :)

i {heart} hawkes said...

what a fun little trip! i'm surprised that the ground at your folks' is not covered in snow. seriously. great pics.

Nicole said...

How fun! Justin's sister got married in Logan and it really is a pretty temple. How neat that his grandpa is a sealer! I'm sure it was a nice experience..for all involved!

Melissa said...

Hi Em. Melissa Scott here. Courtney mentioned that you had posted some pics of the wedding, so I hope you don't mind me hopping on. Your family is so beautiful and your blog is great. So fun to see pictures of you, Ben, the kiddies, and everyone Colorado. Thanks for posting! Much love to all!

emily said...

Hi Melissa. I'm glad you hopped in. I check out Ben's facebook every once in a while and see your happenings. You, too, have a beautiful family and looks like you are having a great adventure, too!