Friday, June 11, 2010

Life. . . as Captured by My Kids on My Camera

He wanted to take a picture of the mirror - I don't think he realized he'd be in it, too. :)

Our backyard. Me in the garden - weeding.

The slide that we kept from the playground set we got rid of. It works great off the back stairs!

Me and big belly playing frisbee with Scout. Emmy thinking about riding the scooter that she can't really ride.

Miles taking a picture of Jonas trying to take a picture on the cell phone.

Emmy and mom walking hand-in-hand down the stairs.

Wilson, looking justly suspicious of whoever is behind the camera.

The library's summer reading program chart.

Someone is lurking in the mirror. . .

Cute boy.

Cute Scout.


erinmalia said...

i dont' know why but i love seeing little kids' photos. the things they're interested in, interest me!

rebecca said...

Cutest post ever! I love the one of the top of Miles' head in the bathroom mirror!