Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Quotes

We went camping this past Friday nite and I'm sure I'll post a ton of pictures of that soon. But I wanted to write down some more great quotes (at least in my mind) from my children.


We were hanging out around the campfire and Ben was saying something to me about being smart. I said oh yeah right, you're every bit as smart as I am, etc. Then Ben said (he said, she said) something like, "Well you can do math in your head." Miles was quite flabbergasted as I think he took this literally and who knows what he was imagining. Then I kind of explained what that meant. Then Jonas said,

"I can do art in my head."
AWESOME, I would love to see it.

Where we camp there are cattle that graze in the area. So lots of big, dried up cow poop. Only Jonas started calling them,
"Cow Hoorays."
I think somebody taught his that at the priesthood camp-out last weekend. When asked why he calls him that he said, "Well poop is not a nice word." Yep, I definitely think someone taught him that one.

Ben was reading a little of the scriptures - the last chapter of the Book of Mormon. So Ben was talking about Moroni and who he was. I asked the kids, "What's on top of the temples?" Miles replied,
He's a BIG Ramona fan.

During the same conversation as the "smarts" one, Ben made mentioned how he ate a cereal called "S'mores" (we were eating real s'mores at the time) when he was a kid. I joked around that that was the reason he was unable to do math in his head. The next morning Ben did something that he reasoned was "because I'm smart," and to this Miles replied,
"You must have not eaten S'mores for breakfast."
You got that right kiddo. Good ol' oatmeal.


erinmalia said...

you could post nothing but funny things your kids say and i'd be happy.

i {heart} hawkes said...

those are awesome! i can relate to the ramoni one. my dad used to tell us the angel was an italian (like us) named angelo moroni. what's sad is for a while we believed him.

ooooh my word verify is trout!