Monday, June 28, 2010


So these are not the greatest of pictures or anything. Just miscellaneous stuff. Kind of boring probably. Whatever.

So here is a headband I made. It's totally up my alley since it is super, super easy. I got the idea here.

And here is our showcase of some crafts done in June. I think that reflection picture was there in May, but oh well. The fishbowls were from the library's story-time craft. The black pictures were kind of fun - we colored a white piece of paper all over with lots of crayons, did 2 coats of black paint, let it dry, then scrapped off the paint with a wooden stick. Cool fun.

During bread-making time Miles begged Ben to eat some flour. To which Ben said, "sure." Awesome.

Our festive porch. I bought those paper lanterns after the holiday last year. Super cheap. Not a great picture, but I like our porch.



erinmalia said...

i can't get beyond the picture of you because it just doesn't look like you AT ALL.

i {heart} hawkes said...

your porch makes me wish i had one. i love the decor, it looks great!

what did miles think of the flour? perhaps he thought it was sugar? what a funny boy.

Nicole said...

Super cute porch! I love the lanterns!!

courtney said...

i am in love with your house!