Friday, June 25, 2010

Troll Hands

Apparently troll hands are VERY SCARY. Scary enough to awaken a soundly-sleeping child and cause that same child to SCREAM and SHRILL and JUMP OUT OF BED!!!! And freak out older brother in his bed 2 feet away and cause the said older brother to SCREAM and SHRILL and JUMP OUT OF BED, too.

Yes, this is what happened last nite.

No, this is not the first time Jonas has been awakened by dreams of "troll hands." He thinks they are grabbing at him.

Yes, Jonas played "troll hands" this morning after breakfast and apparently had a grand old time. (Don't ask how the game is played. I do not know.)

No, I do not understand children.


erinmalia said...

when i first saw the picture, and then started reading, i thought you had placed those at the foot of jonas's bed! now i'm thinking that's not such a great idea.

courtney said...

i think that would wake me up screaming too.