Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Besides driving me crazy (and not in a good way), Miles has done some fun things these past couple of days:
He lost another tooth - his 4th. His bottom tooth came out maybe 2 weeks ago. It just came out while he was eating - good thing he didn't swallow it. His top tooth had been loose f...o...r...e...v...e...r. A couple of months or so. I tried quite a few times to bribe him to get it out. I think I tried once, as well as Ben. But no such luck. Finally tonite at dinner I told him his tooth was turning gray (it was!) and that it was dead and needed to come out. He promptly went upstairs to look at it and then excitedly came down, hands with blood on it. He hadn't quite pulled it out yet, but "20 seconds later" (according to him) he pulled it out himself! I was amazed. So fun.

This is our art wall for July. Truthfully we haven't done anything "artsy" all month and so it still looked like it did all June. But then yesterday my sister sent me some fun "fonts," which aren't really fonts but pictures. So we enlarged them and I cut out the stencils and the kids painted. Most of these are Miles' works. Jonas did the fox. Emmy did the "princess" (Miles drew the picture himself for me to make into a stencil for Emmy. All his idea and on his own. That gives me hope. . .). All the others Miles worked on yesterday and today. I love them! I love that our wall is so coordinated for the time being. It makes me happy to see neat, organized art.

Speaking of Miles, he signed himself up for the ward talent show in a couple of weeks. What do I have a 6 year-old - who has no musical talents - do?! When he asked me what his talent was I immediately replied, "Asking questions." But I can't have him stand up there and ask questions. I could have him stand up there and talk - that's probably his 2nd best talent.

Any other ideas/suggestions for what he could do???

Monday, July 26, 2010


So technically I am due in 4 weeks. But I did something today I have never done, nor frankly thought I would ever do - scheduled an inducement in 3 weeks. Crazy. I have always liked the idea of letting your body do it naturally. But sometimes nature gets faulty and babies are born way too early, or too late, or too fast. Right??

My labors have gotten quicker and quicker - and that makes it very intense and very panicky for me. I have many reasons (excuses?) for wanting to be induced: 1. control it more, 2. slow it down more (Emmy came fast enough that she required oxygen for a few days since her lungs weren't cleared adequately), 3. receive antibiotics if necessary (I have been group B+ for my last 2 pregnancies but I haven't had time to get the antibiotics in before the babes come out), and 4. get an epidural.

Oh how I want an epidural. Miles' birth was so nice as I had an epidural. Jonas' and Emmy's were pretty intense - intense meaning I wanted to die. Yes, apparently I don't handle birth quite as chill as some people! So I think an epidural would be delightful.

I have gone 10, 7, and 7 days early for all my births, so I'm not really trying to get it here sooner. Though knowing that I do not have more than 3 weeks left is pretty much heavenly. Let's just hope I don't go earlier than 7 days!

This pregnancy has been interesting. I am obviously more busy with life and so I don't spend too much time thinking about my growing babe. I'm totally excited to meet her, though. And secretly (well not so secretly I guess!) I hope she looks like Miles. Emmy looked just like Jonas as a babe. I would love another round-faced, curly head girl (although Miles' curls didn't show up for 2 years. My kids are pretty much bald for the first year or two of their lives anyways). My sciatica is acting up now, but has been less than my other pregnancies. Towards evening time I cry out a lot of "Ouch!" But my sciatica is acute as opposed to chronic so that is great.

The craziest thing about this pregnancy is my carpel tunnel. I have suffered from carpel tunnel with each of my pregnancies - each one getting worse and worse. Except this one. I have not experienced it at all. At all. It's crazy and I don't know why! But I love that.

Anyways, cheers to 3 weeks until we meet the newest little babe!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Oh we were lucky here to get some reprieve from the sweltering heat. Sweltering, for my pregnant and hate-summer body, is pretty much anything over 87 degrees (and it has been upper 90s and maybe even 100s). Frankly I can't stand anything in the 80s, but it's not too sweltering until it gets up to around 87.

Anyways. . . we had a wonderful rain/thunder/lightning storm Tuesday evening and then Wednesday morning - for a few hours even! - we had rain. Glorious rain that kept the sun's rays at bay and the temperature pleasant.

It was a good day.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ben and I are not water-loving nor water-going folks. But as we discussed our plan on Sunday nite for the following day, Monday, we realized we didn't have anything going on. So we decided to go to Ridgway and spend a couple hours there in the morning. It turned out to be a great little trip and the kids were so happy we took them!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

One of my BYU freshman & sophomore roommates stopped over with her family on their way to a family reunion. We hadn't seen each other in 11 years - since her wedding reception - and so it was a lot of fun to see each other again. Of course we both have blogs and so it didn't seem like 11 years; I still felt like I knew Rebecca and even knew her children, who I have never met. Her husband Dave came too, of course. Dave was what we called, ahem, our "5th roommate." There were some late nights that he'd be over at our apartment. But he was such a great guy and so good to Rebecca that I didn't mind. Dave is still a great guy and still so good to Rebecca. They are a great couple and have a wonderful, wonderful family!

Oh, and that family of hers consists of 5 (five!) children. All cuties. Here are our kids right before church: Matthew, Jonas, Miles, Larkin, Nathan, Kylie, Madeline, and Emmy. Our kids just loved, loved, loved having "friends" over. I love how they are friends before they even meet. We had told our kids about them coming and they asked all day long, "When will our friends be here????" It's so sweet and innocent of these children.

I really liked this picture, too. Children are, indeed, so beautiful.

Here we are: Rebecca and Emily. Beautiful, Tall and Skinny (as my boys both told me within 5 minutes of her being here!) and Short and Fat. :) Ben tells me that my face is not really as round as it looks in this photo. I hope not. I'm sure it's rounder than norm, but seriously. I should have worn my hair down. (Hmmm, I'm not vain am I? To spend a whole paragraph about my round face?)

Anyways. . . it's always fun to see your friends as parents. And it's always fun to share your home with friends - to see them eat at your table, bath in your tub, and sleep all over. :) Truly delightful.

Hopefully it won't take us another 11 years to get together again. I'm really hoping to visit them next year at their home. . . :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Song and A Quote

So there is a spot as we get nearer to my parents' house that Emmy starts to sing. She sings a song called "Pretty Flowers." She made it up. You'll see why we thus named it when you listen to it. It's perfectly sweet and Emmy. Every time we'd be about a mile or so from my parents' home, she'd usually start into this song:

Ain't it great?

Now for the quote:

So she likes to sing silly songs like above. And on the way home from Utah she sang this song (similar to Pretty Flowers, just with different words):

"Me Am A Sad Princess."

It was just too funny. At first it was "Me am a princess," as she is into calling herself a princess ever since we watched the Tale of Despereaux on Fathers' Day. She also speaks like that a lot: We ask her a question like "Are you hungry?" and she'll answer, "Me am."

She sang this song with quite a bit of variation in her tones and such. It was just too, too funny. A "you had to be there" occasion for sure.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The rest of the week. . .

Ever since we went to Nauvoo and listened to "Little house on the prairie," Miles had wanted to do what Laura did in the story - go minnow catching! So we did. Twice. And lo and behold and oh-what-luck, minnows were caught. The first time Miles caught one and I caught one - but since I was using Jonas' net, he was convinced he had gotten one. Fine with me.

Here they are, all looking at the minnows! There is a path right outside my parents' place pretty much that walks you around this marsh area. A little stream and pond are here as well. Lucky us.

I made the nets from hangers and my mom's nylons (with permission, of course). They weren't super great because, really, the netting should have been less taut. But it worked, kind of!

The proud and excited little minnow-catcher! The other day we did it we had gone to another spot where many more minnows were. But after about 25 or so minutes, I said time was up. Emmy, Jonas, and I starting walking and Miles begged to stay a little longer. Fine, I said, but we are going. 1 minute later Miles comes running up to, "I got one!" That kid.

2 of the 3 minnows lived. My dad bought fish flakes for them. On Saturday evening, when Ben had come back, they walked back to the stream and released them. It was all Miles' idea to let them go back and I was so glad. :)

Another day was spent with one of my parents' friend from way back when - when they lived in Pensacola, Florida. I was 0-3 ish while living there and don't remember a thing. But Kay (the friend) was out in Utah with some of her family and spent a day babysitting her 2 grandkids, Toler (8) and Stella (just about 3 - almost exactly Emmy's age). The kids had such a great, great time together.

We went to the Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Point and did a lot there - ran around tunnels, through mazes, up lighthouses, in streams, sandboxes, etc. But the Noah's ark was a favorite - there's water all around, about 12 inches deep, that the kids just played and played in.
After that we came home only to have Kay come back over and say her kids wanted to go swimming and wanted my kids to come. Ooookay. So we went. Emmy absolutely loved playing with Tolin and dragging him around the kiddie pool. It was a long day - but full of adventure.

My mom bought a slip 'n slide before she left and that turned out to be fun! They have a perfect sloped lawn on the side and so we set it up there:

Emmy couldn't quite propel herself enough to really slide on it. And it was cloudy and slightly cool. So she sat with me all wrapped up cozy in her towel.

Miles was the knee-boarder. He always went on his knees. He loved it.

Jonas was the tummy-slider. He loved it, too. Sometimes he would even do a half-spin at the end. He's our little trickster. :)

They all LOVED splashing in the little pool at the end of the slide.

Friday, my break day when all 3 of my kids took a very, very much-needed nap (oh we had been busy compared to our days of playing in the backyard at home!). I had had a good nap the day before (Emmy napped and the boys played quietly while I napped, too!). So on Friday I decided to make a cute sun visor for Emmy. I saw this one and fell in love with it. So I made up my own pattern and it turned out pretty good:

On Saturday we went to the cheap dollar-fifty movie theater in Provo and saw "How to Train a Dragon." Since my kids were scared of the big rabbit in Wallace and Grommit, I was a little nervous about going. But we did and it was great!
The boys sat in their booster seats the entire time and Miles didn't even cover his eyes. A first for him, I think. They were really into the movie and even today when we came home they dressed up as dragons. They want to be dragons for Halloween.

Emmy wasn't really into it. Sometimes she turned away while I was holding her. I was holding her for 3/4 of it - the other 1/4 was when she was eating a blow-pop. She was quite fidgety, but that is really to be expected. Except for her constant moving, she did great.

We did a lot of fun book-reading, too. We finished up "The Wizard of Oz." We also read Shel Silverstein's books, A Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends. Not all of his poems, but believe me - a lot. I love them as much as the kids do!

All in all, it was great. I still had to deal with the daily frustrations of whines, tantrums, fights, etc., etc. And Ben wasn't there to ever relieve me. But it was okay.

Because I had air-conditioning.

July 4th Festivities

Alrighty, so here we go. . .

We went to Provo so we could enjoy all the festivities that Provo would be offering all weekend long (well except on Sunday, of course!). We got up early on Friday morning to see the balloon launch:
Smokey the Bear was there - giving away frisbees. My kids just love seeing Smokey! Though Jonas was a little shy. . .

Although we were there by 6:30 am a lot of balloons had already been inflated - but we did see a few getting blown up. And we saw lots of fire being blown into them. Pretty cool and fun to see.


After the balloons weren't launched (the winds weren't right), we grabbed some bagels, ate, then headed to hike the Y:

I just love this picture. It was a pretty good hike - the hardest our kids have ever done, for sure. Jonas was a trooper and I don't know if he even complained once. Miles complained at the beginning and then I just started chatting with him and holding his hand and he did awesome, too. Emmy, being carried on her dad's back, had no complaints of course.

There's the gang - minus me. I did do it. Pretty much every adult made some comment to me - me being great with child and all. My (least) favorite comment: "Wow, I didn't think you'd make it this far."

Emmy on the Y! So fun. And scary. It's pretty steep, that Y. I didn't want them playing on it too much!

Cute brothers next to the Y.

On Saturday there were more festivities in downtown Provo. One side of the street they were all free and the other side cost money. Guess what side we frequented?

Such a perfect picture of a perfect slider! :)

There were also crafts to do there. And having Miles as a child, we just had to go. They had a lot of fun things for the kids to do. Like patriotic wands.

Here they all are filling up little balloons with flour. Fun, fun.

Then Saturday nite we went to enjoy the fireworks of Midway:
Anticipating the show. . .

I have no idea how to capture a cool picture of a firework. But Ben really liked how this shot turned out and so I post this for him. :)

After church on Sunday afternoon we did enjoy some "smoke bombs" and even the "snakes" that grow out of the road. Snakes are my favorite. The kids loved them all!

Then Monday was the big parade. The Provo Parade is the largest parade in Utah. I would say so - 2 hours worth of parading! Wow. But it was perfectly fun. And made even the better by a sweet older woman who let us sit on her blankets that were front-row. Lucky us.

Emmy (such a darling) enjoyed the parade. She ate 3 apples during the whole thing. Well really 1 whole one, then she finished off another 2. I don't know why. And it didn't even cause her any tummy-trouble. Lucky us.

The boys had a lot of fun, too. Until the cannon at the very end. It was loud and unpredicting - very scary to all my kids!

My 3 cute parade-going kiddos decked out in the good ol' Red, White, and Blue.

And, yes, this is something that I would guess would only be done at the Provo Parade - missionaries marching in it. My boys even got some high-fives. Nice.

Whoo-whee. A lot of stuff we did in a few days! It was great, though. Really great. Then Ben left to Montrose and I headed back to my parents' place and stayed the week.

Friday, July 09, 2010


Just in case you're wondering, and even if you're not. . .

Ben and I and family came over to my folks' house on the 1st of July. We spent the next few days doing a lot of fun festivities in the Provo area. Then, after the parade on Monday, Ben headed back home and I decided to stay here at my parents' for a little while longer - who can resist beautiful country and an air-conditioned home??? (We have a swamp cooler that cools a section - a section mind you - of our home.) ((My parents will have only been home for 2 of the 10 days that I will have been here - they are busy with their fun summer vacations! Bummer for me; big bummer for the kids. But we are still managing to have fun.))

So I've been here all week. I have lots of pictures to post of the 4th and etc., but my parents computer just takes forever (as in never) to upload pictures on blogger. So I'll have lots of old events to post about when I get back.

Until then. . .