Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 4th Festivities

Alrighty, so here we go. . .

We went to Provo so we could enjoy all the festivities that Provo would be offering all weekend long (well except on Sunday, of course!). We got up early on Friday morning to see the balloon launch:
Smokey the Bear was there - giving away frisbees. My kids just love seeing Smokey! Though Jonas was a little shy. . .

Although we were there by 6:30 am a lot of balloons had already been inflated - but we did see a few getting blown up. And we saw lots of fire being blown into them. Pretty cool and fun to see.


After the balloons weren't launched (the winds weren't right), we grabbed some bagels, ate, then headed to hike the Y:

I just love this picture. It was a pretty good hike - the hardest our kids have ever done, for sure. Jonas was a trooper and I don't know if he even complained once. Miles complained at the beginning and then I just started chatting with him and holding his hand and he did awesome, too. Emmy, being carried on her dad's back, had no complaints of course.

There's the gang - minus me. I did do it. Pretty much every adult made some comment to me - me being great with child and all. My (least) favorite comment: "Wow, I didn't think you'd make it this far."

Emmy on the Y! So fun. And scary. It's pretty steep, that Y. I didn't want them playing on it too much!

Cute brothers next to the Y.

On Saturday there were more festivities in downtown Provo. One side of the street they were all free and the other side cost money. Guess what side we frequented?

Such a perfect picture of a perfect slider! :)

There were also crafts to do there. And having Miles as a child, we just had to go. They had a lot of fun things for the kids to do. Like patriotic wands.

Here they all are filling up little balloons with flour. Fun, fun.

Then Saturday nite we went to enjoy the fireworks of Midway:
Anticipating the show. . .

I have no idea how to capture a cool picture of a firework. But Ben really liked how this shot turned out and so I post this for him. :)

After church on Sunday afternoon we did enjoy some "smoke bombs" and even the "snakes" that grow out of the road. Snakes are my favorite. The kids loved them all!

Then Monday was the big parade. The Provo Parade is the largest parade in Utah. I would say so - 2 hours worth of parading! Wow. But it was perfectly fun. And made even the better by a sweet older woman who let us sit on her blankets that were front-row. Lucky us.

Emmy (such a darling) enjoyed the parade. She ate 3 apples during the whole thing. Well really 1 whole one, then she finished off another 2. I don't know why. And it didn't even cause her any tummy-trouble. Lucky us.

The boys had a lot of fun, too. Until the cannon at the very end. It was loud and unpredicting - very scary to all my kids!

My 3 cute parade-going kiddos decked out in the good ol' Red, White, and Blue.

And, yes, this is something that I would guess would only be done at the Provo Parade - missionaries marching in it. My boys even got some high-fives. Nice.

Whoo-whee. A lot of stuff we did in a few days! It was great, though. Really great. Then Ben left to Montrose and I headed back to my parents' place and stayed the week.


erinmalia said...

1. missionaries? so weird!

2. emmy's sitting on the Y and not snow? it totally looks like snow. i've never done that hike, so i don't know.

3. do you know that sparklers and snakes are illegal in my state. LAME. only pops are legal.

4. all of the pictures were awesome!

Emily said...

Remember how I live in Provo and you have done more in this city than I have!

Looks like you guys had a great time!

emily said...

erin it is definitely not snow up there. tho it looks like it.

i {heart} hawkes said...

such a great post! snakes are number one for me on the 4th and Murray City also had 8 missionaries in their parade too. must be a utah thing.

Niederfam said...

i saw the missionary picture and instantly the saints go marching in comes to mind. looks like a happy 4th!!!