Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Besides driving me crazy (and not in a good way), Miles has done some fun things these past couple of days:
He lost another tooth - his 4th. His bottom tooth came out maybe 2 weeks ago. It just came out while he was eating - good thing he didn't swallow it. His top tooth had been loose f...o...r...e...v...e...r. A couple of months or so. I tried quite a few times to bribe him to get it out. I think I tried once, as well as Ben. But no such luck. Finally tonite at dinner I told him his tooth was turning gray (it was!) and that it was dead and needed to come out. He promptly went upstairs to look at it and then excitedly came down, hands with blood on it. He hadn't quite pulled it out yet, but "20 seconds later" (according to him) he pulled it out himself! I was amazed. So fun.

This is our art wall for July. Truthfully we haven't done anything "artsy" all month and so it still looked like it did all June. But then yesterday my sister sent me some fun "fonts," which aren't really fonts but pictures. So we enlarged them and I cut out the stencils and the kids painted. Most of these are Miles' works. Jonas did the fox. Emmy did the "princess" (Miles drew the picture himself for me to make into a stencil for Emmy. All his idea and on his own. That gives me hope. . .). All the others Miles worked on yesterday and today. I love them! I love that our wall is so coordinated for the time being. It makes me happy to see neat, organized art.

Speaking of Miles, he signed himself up for the ward talent show in a couple of weeks. What do I have a 6 year-old - who has no musical talents - do?! When he asked me what his talent was I immediately replied, "Asking questions." But I can't have him stand up there and ask questions. I could have him stand up there and talk - that's probably his 2nd best talent.

Any other ideas/suggestions for what he could do???


megan said...

Tell jokes, recite a poem, show some of his artwork, do a magic trick, hula hoop, jump rope . . . just a few ideas.

erinmalia said...

wow. megan had some GREAT idea. i got nothing. sorry.

those stencils turned out awesome. i, too, love the coordination of them all.

i {heart} hawkes said...

and i really can't wait to see the post on his talent, pure entertainment for sure!