Sunday, July 11, 2010

The rest of the week. . .

Ever since we went to Nauvoo and listened to "Little house on the prairie," Miles had wanted to do what Laura did in the story - go minnow catching! So we did. Twice. And lo and behold and oh-what-luck, minnows were caught. The first time Miles caught one and I caught one - but since I was using Jonas' net, he was convinced he had gotten one. Fine with me.

Here they are, all looking at the minnows! There is a path right outside my parents' place pretty much that walks you around this marsh area. A little stream and pond are here as well. Lucky us.

I made the nets from hangers and my mom's nylons (with permission, of course). They weren't super great because, really, the netting should have been less taut. But it worked, kind of!

The proud and excited little minnow-catcher! The other day we did it we had gone to another spot where many more minnows were. But after about 25 or so minutes, I said time was up. Emmy, Jonas, and I starting walking and Miles begged to stay a little longer. Fine, I said, but we are going. 1 minute later Miles comes running up to, "I got one!" That kid.

2 of the 3 minnows lived. My dad bought fish flakes for them. On Saturday evening, when Ben had come back, they walked back to the stream and released them. It was all Miles' idea to let them go back and I was so glad. :)

Another day was spent with one of my parents' friend from way back when - when they lived in Pensacola, Florida. I was 0-3 ish while living there and don't remember a thing. But Kay (the friend) was out in Utah with some of her family and spent a day babysitting her 2 grandkids, Toler (8) and Stella (just about 3 - almost exactly Emmy's age). The kids had such a great, great time together.

We went to the Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Point and did a lot there - ran around tunnels, through mazes, up lighthouses, in streams, sandboxes, etc. But the Noah's ark was a favorite - there's water all around, about 12 inches deep, that the kids just played and played in.
After that we came home only to have Kay come back over and say her kids wanted to go swimming and wanted my kids to come. Ooookay. So we went. Emmy absolutely loved playing with Tolin and dragging him around the kiddie pool. It was a long day - but full of adventure.

My mom bought a slip 'n slide before she left and that turned out to be fun! They have a perfect sloped lawn on the side and so we set it up there:

Emmy couldn't quite propel herself enough to really slide on it. And it was cloudy and slightly cool. So she sat with me all wrapped up cozy in her towel.

Miles was the knee-boarder. He always went on his knees. He loved it.

Jonas was the tummy-slider. He loved it, too. Sometimes he would even do a half-spin at the end. He's our little trickster. :)

They all LOVED splashing in the little pool at the end of the slide.

Friday, my break day when all 3 of my kids took a very, very much-needed nap (oh we had been busy compared to our days of playing in the backyard at home!). I had had a good nap the day before (Emmy napped and the boys played quietly while I napped, too!). So on Friday I decided to make a cute sun visor for Emmy. I saw this one and fell in love with it. So I made up my own pattern and it turned out pretty good:

On Saturday we went to the cheap dollar-fifty movie theater in Provo and saw "How to Train a Dragon." Since my kids were scared of the big rabbit in Wallace and Grommit, I was a little nervous about going. But we did and it was great!
The boys sat in their booster seats the entire time and Miles didn't even cover his eyes. A first for him, I think. They were really into the movie and even today when we came home they dressed up as dragons. They want to be dragons for Halloween.

Emmy wasn't really into it. Sometimes she turned away while I was holding her. I was holding her for 3/4 of it - the other 1/4 was when she was eating a blow-pop. She was quite fidgety, but that is really to be expected. Except for her constant moving, she did great.

We did a lot of fun book-reading, too. We finished up "The Wizard of Oz." We also read Shel Silverstein's books, A Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends. Not all of his poems, but believe me - a lot. I love them as much as the kids do!

All in all, it was great. I still had to deal with the daily frustrations of whines, tantrums, fights, etc., etc. And Ben wasn't there to ever relieve me. But it was okay.

Because I had air-conditioning.


erinmalia said...

in that picture with kay's kids (which you called tolin at one point), i think jonas totally looks like brian.

i would never have thought about boosters in a movie theater. great idea.

emily said...

perhaps he looks like brian!

yes, toler it is. yes, i called him tolin a couple of times to other people.

boosters are brilliant - and of course provo would think of it!

Nicole said...

In the pics it looks like you did great on the trip! glad to hear that your kids also have tantrums!! ;)

love emmy's hat! so cute! great job on it. we bought a slip n slide for molly, similar to yours and for some reason the pool part at hte bottom doesn't blow up with water....weird!! anyway, she still likes it!

Niederfam said...

so fun darling little hat for emmy and I LOVE the noah's ark too. so great.

raedene said...

Love. Love. Love the visor! I'm going to try and make one for me! And maybe Paige too. :)