Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Song and A Quote

So there is a spot as we get nearer to my parents' house that Emmy starts to sing. She sings a song called "Pretty Flowers." She made it up. You'll see why we thus named it when you listen to it. It's perfectly sweet and Emmy. Every time we'd be about a mile or so from my parents' home, she'd usually start into this song:

Ain't it great?

Now for the quote:

So she likes to sing silly songs like above. And on the way home from Utah she sang this song (similar to Pretty Flowers, just with different words):

"Me Am A Sad Princess."

It was just too funny. At first it was "Me am a princess," as she is into calling herself a princess ever since we watched the Tale of Despereaux on Fathers' Day. She also speaks like that a lot: We ask her a question like "Are you hungry?" and she'll answer, "Me am."

She sang this song with quite a bit of variation in her tones and such. It was just too, too funny. A "you had to be there" occasion for sure.


rebecca said...

Adorable. I can't wait to meet your cuties!!!! We've been practicing their names.

erinmalia said...

rhett liked it and no is saying, "another one...rhett want another movie." so now you better post one. one where she talks directly to him, preferably.

Niederfam said...

i love it, and i have NO idea why you named the song, pretty flowers!! so cute. ;)

i {heart} hawkes said...

so great. did she see some on the way to your folk's house? aren't girls FUN!