Sunday, August 08, 2010


38 weeks into my pregnancy - yet only 1 week to go. Pretty sweet deal. I hope. I have never made it passed week 39 anyways, so getting induced next Monday doesn't really shorten the deal much for me. (Though no telling what would/could happen this time?). All in all I am feeling just fine. Just getting a little annoyed at having no lap. I want a lap. It will be soft and mighty squishy for a while I am sure, but a lap none-the-less. Seriously, that is what I am most looking forward to with my body.

I learned that I can not mow anymore. I mowed the backyard Friday morning and sorely paid for it all evening long. I think I pulled, stretched or strained my iliopsoas muscle. But all was fine Saturday morning. I have also learned that I cannot bend over and pick up dog poop anymore. Dangit. But that gets my back side and thus my sciatic acts up all evening long. Oh my poor old body.

The little babe inside of me is getting bigger and running out of space. She moves like crazy all over me. All checks out well so far with the docs. At my last appointment the doctor said she is head down, so hopefully she'll stay that way. Half the time though she feels sideways.

I register Miles for school this week - he starts full-day schooling in 2 weeks. I totally have mixed emotions. I'm excited for him to start 1st grade - so fun! I'm excited for him to be gone all day, yet it makes me mighty sad, too. Sad for me in losing my first boy. But even more sad for Jonas in losing his greatest (and worst) playmate. That's what makes me cry - Miles and Jonas spending so little time together. I know that Jonas and Emmy will become better friends and so that is fun. And perhaps even Miles and Jonas will become better friends not being around each other all day long??

I don't think Miles is super-excited about starting back. But I really think he'll love it. Yes, love it. He loves learning and doing. In fact, it is where he thrives. He is super excited about eating lunch at school. I've decided that once a week he can chose a meal to eat from school. Fun, fun.

Here's a random picture of a big mushroom in our front yard:

It was especially exciting when Ben mowed over it.


I think that's it.


erinmalia said...

i can't wait to get another school picture in the mail, wink wink.

Niederfam said...

you've been BUSY...........so close, GOOD LUCK and i hope you love your induction as much as i've loved mine!!! can't wait for the news!!!!

courtney said...

one more week! well, less actually, since today is tuesday. :)

i can't wait to see her!!

ps - your family-free vacation? that is GENIUS. do i have to be pregnant to warrant having one of these?

i {heart} hawkes said...

that's nice that miles will be in all day school while you have a newborn around. can't wait to meet her!