Thursday, August 12, 2010

Emmy's Bed

So Ben has been working really hard to get Emmy's bed made. Yes, Ben made the bed. I'm very impressed with my husband and so I will boast about him. But, really, he has some talent. He designed it himself, too.
I love it.
Love it.
Love it.
Pictures don't do it justice (but it certainly does my painting job justice - we'll have to do some touch-ups for sure).

Cute, silly girl on her new bed. Oh how fun! I have a really cute idea I want to do on the wall at the side of her bed, but that will have to wait. If I do it, I'll show some pictures later.

All the kids were pretty excited about it! Even Wilson was overjoyed. Okay, maybe not overjoyed, but at least taking part in the evening fun of putting up Emmy's new bed.


Emily said...

Wow!! You are both very talented! It seriously looks like a bed straight out of pottery barn kids! Great job to you and Ben!

erinmalia said...

it looks awesome. boast away! tell ben congrats. i wish we lived closer to he could teach skills to my husband and i could share sewing tips with you. so, when are you moving out here?

and tell me what you want to do on emmy's wall! you can tell me in a secret email sent onlt to me. :)

emily said...

where you live = humidity.
where i live = not so much so.

when are you moving out here?

i {heart} hawkes said...

simply beautiful, for a beautiful big sister to be.

rebecca said...

It's beautiful! Great job, Ben! Wow, I'm so impressed. Emmy has the cutest room I've ever seen. I want a round room!

rebecca said...

Love that her shirt and her monkey's shirt match! Kylie just bought that exact same monkey last weekend at a yard sale. What are the chances?!