Saturday, August 28, 2010

Emmy's BirthDAY

Emmy's birthday was a good day. Whenever she was asked what she wanted, or what she would like for dinner, etc. - it was always something "pink." So we did a lot of silly "pink" things for our special little girl.

The traditional streamers-on-the-door walk-through.

And here is some "fun cereal" that was requested to be pink. Luckily we found something - and something that's not completely junk, too.

Emmy got one present in the morning - a little doll's highchair. We had fun feeding her babies.

YUM. Jonas and Emmy eating cake batter.

And snack time - pink milk and graham crackers.

It was hard waiting to open presents. But we had to wait for Miles and Ben to come home. Luckily Ben was able to get off early and so she didn't have to wait forever (though it probably seemed like it).

Oh she loves her tiara. Or "bracelet" as she calls it. Such a beautiful princess.

The kids all got to watch "Sleeping Beauty." Emmy's first real princess movie, I think. She was really studying the ways of a princess and would tell me things like, "Princesses hold their [dresses] when they dance."

And a lovely pink dinner, too! It wasn't too disgusting eating pink homemade mac 'n cheese.

And a pink cake, of course. My parents took Jonas and Emmy out in the morning for a couple of hours and so I was able to work on this while they were gone. My parents took them to the local children's museum (pretty much a glorified playroom) and then McDonalds. They had a fun time and so did I making the cake. I melted starbursts to make my letters and shapes. And I added a jello packet to my frosting to dye it pink and flavor it a little, too.

The beautiful birthday girl. Happy Birthday Emmy - we all love and adore you!


Melissa said...

Happy birthday, Emmy! What a pink day! (Although I think I would've drawn the line at pink mac 'n' cheese!) I love the look on her face in the cake-batter photo. And what a cute dress! Did you make that, Emily?

erinmalia said...

"that emmy!" says rhett. :)

i'm with melissa: that mac 'n' cheese is something else. could you get past the color to enjoy it? everything else looks awesome. happy birthday little girl!

emily said...

melissa - erin made the dress. of course. :) it's adorable.

melissa and erin - yes, the pink mac 'n cheese was a little much. but actually it wasn't that bad. at first i was just going to dye her bowl, but then i thought, "why not do it all?!" even dad said it was good - so i think we all got past the pepto-bismol color of it.

rebecca said...

Yeah. Pink mac n cheese looks so gross. :) I'm sure she just loved it.

That cake is so great, Emily! So creative. The birthday girl looks so cute with those sparkly earrings and tiara.

Mindy said...

What a fun girl birthday! Such cute pictures of a cute little girl. And you are an awesome mommy!
I love the picture of her in her tiara!