Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Family Trip Minus Mom

Well we finally did it - had the family take a trip sans Mom. We've probably "talked about it" for over 5 years. But, really, it's harder said than done. I always end up wanting to just go with them or something like that. But Ben really, really wanted to do this for me - give me a break before the storm, perhaps? :) So I let him - even though it was a little hard (I wanna go to beloved Littleton, too; What if you all crash and die while driving?; You gonna watch them around water, right?; and the such).

So Ben went up to his parents' home for the weekend and truly had a delightfully wonderful time.

This is on their drive up - stopping for dinner. Too bad the mosquitoes decided to dine on my children. Oh I felt their pain. They were {maliciously} attacked. (I HATE those buggers in case you don't know me.) My kids must all take after me, too - they all were driven CrAzY by them and all came away with quite a few bites. Ben said he didn't get one! I love this picture b/c it shows Emmy annoyed (or something), Miles itching, and Jonas probably swatting one away or something. :)

(The pictures are slightly out of order. . .)
Saturday afternoon they went to a park nearby that also has a splash pad. The kids really loved it there!

Yea, water!

Isn't she somethin'?

A crawfish caught by Miles.

The proud boy and his crawfish. Miles gets on these "quests." These extreme desires to do something, catch something. Like when we had to go minnow catching. But this time it was crawfish catching. So first thing Saturday morning Ben and the kids went out to find some crawfish. Ben caught the classic ones "that got away" and were much larger, but Miles caught this one on his own and with his bare hands. That kid and luck.

Jonas and his cattail. Where else would you put a cattail?

Wilson loves this bed. We still call it Grandma Gwenn's bed, although Ben's sweet Grandma passed away almost exactly a year ago. Even when she was living, Wilson would make himself comfortable on this bed - and Grandma Gwenn stated she actually liked it. :)

Oh, this is where the crawfish ended up. I think Miles was totally fine with it.

Stopping on their way back home at this park at this quaint little town.

Such adorably cute people!

So a great trip and one that I think will now have to become an annual tradition. :)

Oh, and here are a couple of videos I just couldn't resist (even if they are a little blurry):

I don't know why I find this toy so darn funny, but I just do.

Oh Jonas.

Oh the joys of being a kid!


erinmalia said...

fun fun!~ i'm with you: when do they do it again?!

rebecca said...

Where's the pictures of you, lounging and eating bon-bons in a bubble bath?!

I'm so happy for you that you got to enjoy a weekend alone!

i {heart} hawkes said...

what a treat for you. how did you spend your free time? cleaning? reading? sleeping? eating? i don't know what i would do with myself if i ever got more than 2 hours of alone time. sad but true.

Montrose Lewises said...

My favorite by far is Jonas' cattail picture! That made me laugh. Out. Loud. ;) Thanks, and glad you enjoyed 'your' weekend!