Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Lucy Update

Well I have to admit that I really don't like posting newborn pictures. I can't take them well. To me the pictures always turn out funny-looking - such an injustice to my beautiful babes. :) But inquiring minds want to see more pictures of our Lucy Babe. And so here are 2 fuzzy pictures for your enjoyment:

I also need to admit that Lucy is a good baby. An easy baby - if you can call babies that. :) I usually think she has a problem or is sick, but really I guess (and hope) she's just a good baby. She sleeps a lot and falls asleep when she's tired - never mind she's on the floor with 3 other children crazily playing nearby. If she's tired, why she'll just close her eyes and fall asleep. Yes, Just. Like. That. Okay, not all the time - but the majority. And if she does fuss and cry - it's only a little. Sometimes she'll cry once you put her in her crib - but then if I go and hold her she stops crying in under 10 seconds. No joking. She's crazy. She sleeps pretty good, too. Some nights she has to be held by mom or dad to sleep - but she sleeps. Other nights she sleeps in her crib and just wakes up to feed. Pretty much, if she is fussy then just hold her and all will be well. She's a delight. I don't know how long it will last, but it's enjoyable for the moment.

She finally started putting on some weight. She was a pretty pathetic grower - less than 1/2 oz./day. But my girls apparently just aren't marathon eaters like my boys were. However, when I went for her weight check on Monday she had gained about 1.5 oz/day the last 4 days. Whoa. I was truly shocked. (She's up to 6lbs. 5 oz.)

Lucy doesn't mind tummy-time. Sometimes she lasts as long as 5 minutes on her tummy - that's huge in my book. Without crying. Even huger (if huger is a word?). She is a side-lying girl, for sure. She frequently turns to her right side to sleep, lounge, etc. I've never had a side baby. Interesting.

The first week of her life she was pretty in to sucking on her thumb, or fingers - whatever made it to her mouth. She'll still stick her hands in her mouth - but not nearly as frequently. I thought for sure I was going to have a thumb-sucker (my first!), but now I have my doubts. Time will tell.

My poor kids (my 3 other kids) all have colds and so I am constantly reminding them (sometimes not very nicely, dangit) to stay away from Lucy. I really don't want an RSV baby. Pleeeeease. So they do usually keep their distance, but they love her so much and want to be right up close to her. It's adorable. They are all so good with Lucy; I'm lucky.

What else can I say about her? Her tummy is loud and rumbles a lot. She doesn't seem too bothered by it. Her room (which is the laundry room) is getting a "baby-makeover" (nothing too much) - I'll post pictures when I've got the curtains up.

What else can I say except I Love Lucy.


erinmalia said...

aw, thanks for sharing the pics. they are cute and not that fuzzy! and congrats on getting such a good baby. here's to it lasting for more than two weeks!

Nicole said...

She is darling. I know what you mean about newborn pics never doing justice! She looks adorable (and sounds like she acts that way too, even better!!)!

Mindy said...

I think the pics look great! She is very cute. And I love the baby update on everything she does. It is fun to hear details instead of when people just say "oh, she's a great baby." Congratulations, by the way! You guys are such lucky parents!