Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lots of Random Pictures

Just some cute pictures I wanted to post:

Jonas took this picture. I like it.

This is a play-dough replica that Miles made of his pet bird.

I love Miles in red. I told him that I just can't stand how handsome he is in red. His reply, "So take a picture." Okay.

Miles loves holding his sister, too. When he slows down enough to just sit. . .

So sweet.

A family movie night. Jonas put his arm around Emmy and told her, "This is what boys do. Like at church." Emmy screamed at him telling him, "Don't touch me!" But she did quickly calmed down.

Jonas loves, loves, loves holding Lucy.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The River Guitar

Well since fall is lagging behind, we were able to get out and enjoy and summerish afternoon in Ouray. We did a tiny hike up to a big waterfall where the kids had a huge amount of fun.

Lucy mainly just ate and. . .

slept. She hardly even knew we went to Ouray.

Miles loved exploring and scampering up the rocks and all that sort of stuff.

Jonas enjoyed riding his wood horse.

Emmy enjoyed making faces. . .

Her moods really do change that fast, too!

The kids got to go up with Ben and explore a little "cave." They all loved it!

They spent most of their time getting wet. Jumping over and off of rocks. Wading in the water. Scaring mom and dad that they would sprain an ankle. Talking to strangers (other hikers). Etc.

It was a delightful afternoon.

We even had a wonderful performance while up there:

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So my updates always tend to turn out really long. I'll try and be brief.

LUCY: Not too much has changed with her since I last gave an update at one month. But I did have a doc's appt. for her this week and she is growing. She doubled all of her percentiles (not her actual numbers, but the percentiles) for weight, height, and head circumference. Wow. But , mind you, those percentiles are not large - around the 10th. She is almost 8 pounds - and probably is by today. She is starting to smile and it's the best. I don't think there is much in this world better than a baby smiling back at you. She shares her room - with our washer and dryer. Yes, her room is the laundry room and it's perfect. Right by our room. I did a few things to "cuten" it up. My mom bought the fabric (nice job, eh?) and made the curtains. I just barely got the grommets to hang them and so, for now, her room is done. I like it.

EMMY: Is definitely at her terrible-3s stage. And, yes, her crankiness can probably be attributed to Lucy as well. I didn't realize this too much until someone asked her, "Do you like Lucy?" To which she replied, "No." (Of course sometimes she does!). She still is adorable and sweet for the most part but she usually ends up quite impossible by late afternoon. I'll try and forgive her, but it's hard when you're a little sleep-deprived. She still loves to play "princess" and when she sings like a princess it's in a really high and soft voice. Funny girl.

JONAS: Is doing great. He is so in to Lucy. So much. Sometimes too much. But he loves her so and she loves him so, too. She was giving a smile just for him this morning; so sweet. Jonas and I do our little "mommy 'n me" school still. He's great at reading 3- and sometimes 4-letter words. Tho he sometimes gets his "b," "d" and "p"s mixed up. He has a little soccer clinic that he adores. He also does a little pre-K co-op with a few other kids in our ward. He is also so great at giving the sweetest compliments - believe me, he's gonna be one great catch when he's older. (He'd be a great catch now, but he's a little young. . .)

MILES: Loves school. Really, I think he does. There has never been a day where he hasn't said school was good and fun. He has a fantastic teacher - he's always coming home from school singing songs, dancing jigs, and reciting poems his teacher has taught him (they've even acted out plays like "little red riding hood" and "the billy goats gruff." When he gives one of his "performances" of such songs, jigs, or poems, it's definitely one of the highlights of my day. It's so adorable. He {finally} learned how to tie his shoes. We got some great hand-me-down shoes that inspired him to learn, I think. :)

The end.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gone fishin'

My sister saw this and sent it on to me. Loved it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

One month, really?

Lucy is one-month today! Wow, time sure flies fast when you're having fun. And not having fun, too. I have both - good times and bad times.

But I couldn't ask for a better babe. I love Lucy. She is so good - 99% of the time. Now, I will not call her an "easy baby" because what newborn is easy? But I will call her good. Really good. If I could hold her 24/7 then she would probably be an excellent baby!

She is still adored by her siblings - to the point of smothering adoration. Especially by Jonas. It's sweet and adorable, yes, but also a little unnerving to me. Sometimes I and Lucy need our s. . .p. . .a. . .c. . .e.

She will now sleep in her crib at nighttime - awakening only for feedings. That's heaven-sent. During the day sometimes she'll nap in her crib and other times she just wants to be held the whole time.

Well she's screaming now - she's not being held - and so I best go. But happy one-month Lucy; we sure are glad you came to our family.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

2 Quotes and 1 Picture

{Emmy goes to use the bathroom right after Jonas has just been in}
Emmy: "JONAS! Always put it down!"
"It" referring to the toilet seat no doubt.

{I was making dinner and Emmy was standing by me and wanted to help me with dinner. But I wasn't letting her because she kept picking her nose. I told her several times to stop it. She continued to do it and so this is what I said to her about picking her nose and her response.}
Me: Emmy you don't need to do that.
Emmy: "Me do! Somebody has to."
Well I guess if somebody has to, then that somebody should be Emmy.

And a cute picture of Daddy and his newest and littlest girl:
{He's writing a talk and holding Lucy at the same time! And I thought he couldn't multi-task. . .}

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hiking at the Grand Mesa

Hoodies + kids = adorable.

Boy + rocks + lake = throwing and skipping rocks. (after an impressive 10-skip throw, jonas exclaimed, "You're cool Dad!" i agree.)

Emmy + ash wood = messy face and hands.

hoodies + babes = oh-so-sweet.

Jonas + Lucy = irresistibly cute.

Emmy + baby-backpack = silly.

kids + hiking = fun time (could this picture be any greater? ben and i think not.)

boy + crossing stream by self = intense determination

boy + jumping out of bushes to scare family = hilarious.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Our Saturday Afternoon - what a SURPRISE!

So in the afternoon we decided to head over to another town 10 miles away and let Jonas ride the BMX track. Our town has one but locks it up except for the one-hour they do races on Saturday. But we were told that this other one stays open all the time. So we got ready and headed out there - but it was locked up. Bummer. Luckily, though, there was this little BMX track there that was open and so we decided to play around on that one.

This BMX-ing is totally up Jonas' alley. He loves this stuff! He thinks he's going to be the fastest and bestest kid out there and tells us so all the time. He just beamed and beamed while riding around the track. See what I'm saying:

And Miles, Miles. He was the surprise of the day. We got a bike from our neighbors the other week - which Jonas can ride, but does have a hard time stopping and starting, so he sticks to his tiny bike (yes, we know it's way to small for him!). So Ben brought the other bike (Miles got a bike for his birthday - but basically it's junk.) for Miles to try. I didn't think Miles would even want to sit on the bike (if you forgot, Miles did not know how to ride a bike without training wheels). But Ben pushed him around a couple of times on the bumps and Miles was loving it! And then Ben starting letting go and lo and behold, Miles rode the bike - up and down the bumps - all by himself. Loving every minute of it. I think he was so happy for himself - Ben and I sure were! It was totally exciting. He rode and rode and rode. I think their faces say it all:

Unfortunately, as Jonas learned, sometimes our self-concept gets smashed - or at least our noses do. As he was trying to get air with all his tires off the ground - his report - he came crashing down, face first. We didn't see it, but heard the aftermath. Poor, humbled Jonas. :)

But, after a while of calming him down, he was back to smiling and rode his bike around a few more times. We sure do love our Jonas - scrapped nose and chin and fat lip and all!

And here are some videos for your viewing pleasure. The one of Miles was earlier on and he even improved greatly since that ride.

Our Saturday Morning

So we decided to try and sell a few "big items" on Saturday morning. We ended up doing okay. The kids kept themselves pretty busy and entertained in our front yard:


Cute as a bug.

She fell asleep in her little bouncer. What a sweetie.

She had fun swinging from the branches of a tree.


No picture of him. But he mainly rode his bike and scooter all around our street.

So cute he is! He manned the Rice Krispie and Toy table - each being sold for 25 cents (Miles picked a few toys to sell himself). He was determined and sat there for quite a while. He made some good sells. :) And some lady even stopped just to give him a "donation" because he's "just too cute." Ha.

Love it.

Thursday, September 02, 2010