Friday, September 10, 2010

2 Quotes and 1 Picture

{Emmy goes to use the bathroom right after Jonas has just been in}
Emmy: "JONAS! Always put it down!"
"It" referring to the toilet seat no doubt.

{I was making dinner and Emmy was standing by me and wanted to help me with dinner. But I wasn't letting her because she kept picking her nose. I told her several times to stop it. She continued to do it and so this is what I said to her about picking her nose and her response.}
Me: Emmy you don't need to do that.
Emmy: "Me do! Somebody has to."
Well I guess if somebody has to, then that somebody should be Emmy.

And a cute picture of Daddy and his newest and littlest girl:
{He's writing a talk and holding Lucy at the same time! And I thought he couldn't multi-task. . .}


Mindy said...

Very funny. Lucy is looking bigger already and she has dark hair! Did your other kids start out that way?

erinmalia said...

yep, someone has to! silly girl.

courtney said...

yes, i'm also curious if the others started out with dark hair. she is too cute!

emily said...

miles pretty much started out bald. but all the other kids had dark hair at first. then they lose it. then it comes in lighter. but each of my kids' hair has gotten darker than the kid before them (make sense?) - all blondish, but a little darker. so maybe lucy will keep the dark hair? doubt it, though. she's already starting to loose her hair. :)