Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lots of Random Pictures

Just some cute pictures I wanted to post:

Jonas took this picture. I like it.

This is a play-dough replica that Miles made of his pet bird.

I love Miles in red. I told him that I just can't stand how handsome he is in red. His reply, "So take a picture." Okay.

Miles loves holding his sister, too. When he slows down enough to just sit. . .

So sweet.

A family movie night. Jonas put his arm around Emmy and told her, "This is what boys do. Like at church." Emmy screamed at him telling him, "Don't touch me!" But she did quickly calmed down.

Jonas loves, loves, loves holding Lucy.


erinmalia said...

miles' bird is awesome! way to go miles. i love jonas putting his arm around emmy. isn't it funny the things that kids notice?!

Niederfam said...

oh busy indeed, on the GO-GO-GO. Such sweet little ones!