Thursday, September 16, 2010

One month, really?

Lucy is one-month today! Wow, time sure flies fast when you're having fun. And not having fun, too. I have both - good times and bad times.

But I couldn't ask for a better babe. I love Lucy. She is so good - 99% of the time. Now, I will not call her an "easy baby" because what newborn is easy? But I will call her good. Really good. If I could hold her 24/7 then she would probably be an excellent baby!

She is still adored by her siblings - to the point of smothering adoration. Especially by Jonas. It's sweet and adorable, yes, but also a little unnerving to me. Sometimes I and Lucy need our s. . .p. . .a. . .c. . .e.

She will now sleep in her crib at nighttime - awakening only for feedings. That's heaven-sent. During the day sometimes she'll nap in her crib and other times she just wants to be held the whole time.

Well she's screaming now - she's not being held - and so I best go. But happy one-month Lucy; we sure are glad you came to our family.


erinmalia said...

happy 1/12 birthday lucy! we love you.

rebecca said...

Wow. Time flies way too too too fast.