Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miles' first ever soccer game


erinmalia said...

yeah soccer boy!

rebecca said...

So cute! Great soccer socks. :)

Hans and Michelle said...


Seriously? You? A Putz? Nope. Not at all. I feel the same way reading your blog though. She decorated another dresser? She's sewing a dress? Another project? A new baby? Running in -50 degree weather? You must suffer from the same thing I do - somehow what everyone else is doing seems more important:)

I appreciate your friendship~even if it is through blogging now!

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

EMILY! Miles looks sooooo big since I last saw him! I love seeing these cute little boys playing soccer! I love the name Lucy and she is adorable. I am not sure if I congratulated you guys on your new addition yet! You are such a wonderful mommy em and sure miss seeing you in primary! Tell Ben thanks again for keeping up our yard this summer! You guys are really great people!

Nicole said...

So fun!! Can't wait til I get to have a little soccer player!