Sunday, September 05, 2010

Our Saturday Afternoon - what a SURPRISE!

So in the afternoon we decided to head over to another town 10 miles away and let Jonas ride the BMX track. Our town has one but locks it up except for the one-hour they do races on Saturday. But we were told that this other one stays open all the time. So we got ready and headed out there - but it was locked up. Bummer. Luckily, though, there was this little BMX track there that was open and so we decided to play around on that one.

This BMX-ing is totally up Jonas' alley. He loves this stuff! He thinks he's going to be the fastest and bestest kid out there and tells us so all the time. He just beamed and beamed while riding around the track. See what I'm saying:

And Miles, Miles. He was the surprise of the day. We got a bike from our neighbors the other week - which Jonas can ride, but does have a hard time stopping and starting, so he sticks to his tiny bike (yes, we know it's way to small for him!). So Ben brought the other bike (Miles got a bike for his birthday - but basically it's junk.) for Miles to try. I didn't think Miles would even want to sit on the bike (if you forgot, Miles did not know how to ride a bike without training wheels). But Ben pushed him around a couple of times on the bumps and Miles was loving it! And then Ben starting letting go and lo and behold, Miles rode the bike - up and down the bumps - all by himself. Loving every minute of it. I think he was so happy for himself - Ben and I sure were! It was totally exciting. He rode and rode and rode. I think their faces say it all:

Unfortunately, as Jonas learned, sometimes our self-concept gets smashed - or at least our noses do. As he was trying to get air with all his tires off the ground - his report - he came crashing down, face first. We didn't see it, but heard the aftermath. Poor, humbled Jonas. :)

But, after a while of calming him down, he was back to smiling and rode his bike around a few more times. We sure do love our Jonas - scrapped nose and chin and fat lip and all!

And here are some videos for your viewing pleasure. The one of Miles was earlier on and he even improved greatly since that ride.


erinmalia said...

awesome! congratulations miles and jonas. that place looks so great.

Mindy said...

So fun! Good Job Miles! Their cute faces make me smile.

Rachelle said...

Joshua and Anna were awestruck - the bikers are inspiring! :)

rebecca said...

Way to go Miles! That is great news! Sorry about your nose, Jonas, but scrapes like that show you are a serious biker! What a fun place for biking kids. Next time we visit, we'll bring bikes. ;)

courtney said...

that looks so fun! and glad to see jonas was still smiling even after his face-plant.