Sunday, September 05, 2010

Our Saturday Morning

So we decided to try and sell a few "big items" on Saturday morning. We ended up doing okay. The kids kept themselves pretty busy and entertained in our front yard:


Cute as a bug.

She fell asleep in her little bouncer. What a sweetie.

She had fun swinging from the branches of a tree.


No picture of him. But he mainly rode his bike and scooter all around our street.

So cute he is! He manned the Rice Krispie and Toy table - each being sold for 25 cents (Miles picked a few toys to sell himself). He was determined and sat there for quite a while. He made some good sells. :) And some lady even stopped just to give him a "donation" because he's "just too cute." Ha.

Love it.


erinmalia said...

i totally would have donated to the "cute boy" fund too! what sweeties.

courtney said...

your kidlets are so cute! on a side note, we made your pioneer bread today and it was so good! thanks for sharing the recipe. :)