Thursday, September 23, 2010


So my updates always tend to turn out really long. I'll try and be brief.

LUCY: Not too much has changed with her since I last gave an update at one month. But I did have a doc's appt. for her this week and she is growing. She doubled all of her percentiles (not her actual numbers, but the percentiles) for weight, height, and head circumference. Wow. But , mind you, those percentiles are not large - around the 10th. She is almost 8 pounds - and probably is by today. She is starting to smile and it's the best. I don't think there is much in this world better than a baby smiling back at you. She shares her room - with our washer and dryer. Yes, her room is the laundry room and it's perfect. Right by our room. I did a few things to "cuten" it up. My mom bought the fabric (nice job, eh?) and made the curtains. I just barely got the grommets to hang them and so, for now, her room is done. I like it.

EMMY: Is definitely at her terrible-3s stage. And, yes, her crankiness can probably be attributed to Lucy as well. I didn't realize this too much until someone asked her, "Do you like Lucy?" To which she replied, "No." (Of course sometimes she does!). She still is adorable and sweet for the most part but she usually ends up quite impossible by late afternoon. I'll try and forgive her, but it's hard when you're a little sleep-deprived. She still loves to play "princess" and when she sings like a princess it's in a really high and soft voice. Funny girl.

JONAS: Is doing great. He is so in to Lucy. So much. Sometimes too much. But he loves her so and she loves him so, too. She was giving a smile just for him this morning; so sweet. Jonas and I do our little "mommy 'n me" school still. He's great at reading 3- and sometimes 4-letter words. Tho he sometimes gets his "b," "d" and "p"s mixed up. He has a little soccer clinic that he adores. He also does a little pre-K co-op with a few other kids in our ward. He is also so great at giving the sweetest compliments - believe me, he's gonna be one great catch when he's older. (He'd be a great catch now, but he's a little young. . .)

MILES: Loves school. Really, I think he does. There has never been a day where he hasn't said school was good and fun. He has a fantastic teacher - he's always coming home from school singing songs, dancing jigs, and reciting poems his teacher has taught him (they've even acted out plays like "little red riding hood" and "the billy goats gruff." When he gives one of his "performances" of such songs, jigs, or poems, it's definitely one of the highlights of my day. It's so adorable. He {finally} learned how to tie his shoes. We got some great hand-me-down shoes that inspired him to learn, I think. :)

The end.


erinmalia said...

the curtain turned out so cute. don't you love fancy, expensive, designer fabrics?! especially the kind your mom buys for you?!

that's so great for miles! what an accomplishment.

rebecca said...

Laundry room as baby room. I love it! The things we do . . . At one point, Larkin's "room" at night was a crib mattress on the floor of the office closet, blocked by a baby gate. If only we all had six bedroom homes. :)

Emily said...

It's darling! I'd never guess it was the laundry room (except for the washer/dryer being in there...)

Looks great!