Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blessing day pictures

The family.

The whole family again.

Daddy-daughter. Too sweet.

Mommy-daughter. Not as sweet as Lucy was done being happy!

4 generations - me, my mother, Lucy and Great-Grandma Phyllis.

Lucy being held by my lovely Grandma. (Don't mind me!)

Ben, Lucy, and Grandma Diana.

Oh My. She is just too darling.

P.S. Lucy was blessed in the same dress as Emmy, which is the same dress that my sister and I were blessed in.


erinmalia said...

what lovely pictures! i'm always so jealous of you having ben's dad. he does such a great job.

rebecca said...

Oh precious face.

Ditto Erin! His camera is amazing. :)

Debbie said...

Lucy is adorable :)

I remember your grandma! Didn't we go to the outback with her and your parents once in college? She said she was going to order the ribs next time she went :) I just remember her being so nice.

You have such a cute family Emily!

Meg said...

All of you are so cute!!! Did you make your skirt? I love it.

emily said...

thanks for the kind comments everyone. :)

megs - no, i didn't make the skirt. i found it at a second-hand store. even better. :)

courtney said...

really, could she get any more adorable? i just want to kiss her chubby cheeks!

i love the family pics of you all - looks like it was a beautiful day.

i {heart} hawkes said...

darling for sure! your pics are great. and love her/your/emmy/erin's dress. what a fun tradition. let's hope erin needs it next :)

Nicole said...

She is so sweet! And she even seems to have a different look I think! At first she totally looked like all of your kids, but this last pic is all her own I think!! Cute cute pics!