Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glasses and braids

I used to be slightly more creative with my titles. Now I am not. To every thing there is a season. This is not my season of creativity. It's my season of living in a constantly cluttered home. Constant. But that's for another post. (Lucy turns 2 months on Saturday. And since she is part of the cause of the constant clutter, maybe you'll hear more about it then when I give a Lucy-update. Lucy-update. That will most likely be the title of my post.)

Anyways, I braided Emmy's hair into a french braid for the first time. So I thought I would take a picture. I know a french-braid is not necessarily news-worthy, but the pictures are darling to me and so post away I shall. She put on my glasses for one of the pictures - so cute:


courtney said...

she is so cute! and yes, i believe one's first french braid is definitely news worthy.

i {heart} hawkes said...

i like how the first pic is a jonas-ish smile and then the second is a miles-ish smile and then the third is totally you. btw, love the piggy jammies. they are some of syd's favorite.

erinmalia said...

i think if i could do a french braid, it would make nbc news. so this is definitely post-worthy. did she like the braids? the glasses are awesome. didn't they hurt her eyes?

WHAT?! my word verification is a real word! table. sweet.

rebecca said...

Emmy looks EXACTLY like you in the glasses picture. Wow. Such a cutie!

How many times a day do I wish for a full time de-clutter-er to just follow the kids around the house for me. Seriously. I hear your pain.