Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Halloween Festivities

Well for us the festivities of Halloween are already over - before Halloween has officially come. We started the activities at Miles' school on Friday: attending his school's parade of costumes and his classroom party. That nite we went to our ward's Trunk or Trick. Today we carved pumpkins (no pictures, whoops) and went to Main Street and Trick or Treated at the shops. Tonite we watched "How to Train a Dragon." Pretty fun times. Full of candy. Here are some pictures of it all:
Here is Miles strutting his costume at his school's parade.

His school class. Awesome.

And here was Miles' costume: a scuba diver. I love how it turned out. I got the idea from several different places on-line. He was super cute, I think. :)

I was going to say "the whole bunch." But, technically, it's not our whole bunch. So how about "the whole walking bunch"? A scuba diver, a princess (she would be nothing else), and a pirate.

There's our other little pumpkin.

This very sweet lady is Mary Lou. We pass her house as we come and go from Miles' school. She loves to visit with us. She wanted the kids to come by her house to trick or treat and so we came by before heading to the Trunk or Treat. She had a good loot for the kids - pencils, Indian sticker books, and 2 suckers. A great way to start the trick or treating!

Arrr Matey!

Here they are on Main Street.

Happy Halloween!


erinmalia said...

everything turned out so great em! good job.

erinmalia said...

p.s. is it really called a trunk or trick in your part of the country?!

emily said...

the ward one, yes. cuz you're going from trunk to trunk. right? i've read other churches doing it and calling it the same thing. at least here in the west. :)

Melissa said...

Interesting. We call it a Trunk or Treat in Arizona. I was happy to see a few traditional door-to-door candyseekers tonight, too.

Em, Miles' costume is brilliant. You are so creative! I love the fish and coral.

erinmalia said...

Right Melissa. It's trunk or treat here, not trunk or trick. :)

emily said...

ha, whatever. trunk or treat it is.

Montrose Lewises said...

Okay Jonas' pirate face... A Mazing! He has it so scrunched up it looks like two different faces put together! Cute kids!
LOVE them!

Nicole said...

So cute!! Love the scuba diving costume! The pirate face is great :) Great job!

courtney said...

their costumes are great! i bet they were the only scuba diver/pirate/princess trio on the block. :)

rebecca said...

Aaaah! Love them all, but that scuba diver is aweseome! Great job, Emily. I love homemade costumes.