Sunday, October 17, 2010

Real Life

So my blog mainly highlights the highlights of our lives. The fun stuff. The good stuff. The interesting stuff. Not the average doldrums of our every day lives. Not the crud I have to deal with every day. Nor the cruddy mom the children have to deal with every day, as well. So here are some of the lowlights of our lives - just to put a different perspective and glimpse in to what goes on at our home and with us. Just so you know our lives are not very glamorous after all.

1. Sometimes I yell at my kids - not a lot and not often, but sometimes.
2. I often raise my voice at my children. Excluding only Lucy. Unfortunately, I'm sure her time will come.
3. Emmy talks back to me. Example: "Emmy if you continue to scream you will go to your room." Emmy - "No, you'll go to your room!"
4. Emmy pees her pants all day, every day. Little squirts. She smells bad a lot.
5. My boys often don't want to go to the bathroom (ummm, #2) until it's too late. A little bit escapes. It's disgusting. Luckily they are big enough to clean up themselves and their underwear.
6. My patience runs thin - especially by the time Ben comes home from work. I don't know why he thinks I'm a good mom because by the time he gets home, I've usually had it.
7. I've got piles of folded laundry on my bed waiting to be put away - they've been there for 2-3 days and will probably be there for 2-3 days more.
8. I've eaten too many candy corns the past month.
9. Emmy can make incredible messes in her closet - taking all her clothes off the hangers and on to the floor. It's annoying.
10. Frankly, I'm bored of playing "princess."
11. Our boys sometimes have to be separated at bedtime. Miles is currently sleeping in the basement. They have all "slept" there, including Emmy. Excluding Lucy. But we do take them back up to their rooms when we go to bed.
12. I usually am up for the day by 5- 5:30am.
13. Many times the worst part of the day is toothbrushing time.
14. You want to hear my last Tuesday morning? Okay, a little bit of a background: I AM PETRIFIED OF BIRDS OUT OF THEIR CAGES. K. So we walked Miles to school. Then on the way home we stopped by an elderly friend's home to say hi. It's been a while and so it was good to visit with her. We stayed for almost an hour and then headed back to our home. We went inside. I'm in the kitchen getting snack and heard some rustling going on. What the? THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN A BIRD FLAPS OVER MY HEAD. I'm freaking out (thus the CAPS). I scream and then run out the back door. Jonas runs out, Emmy runs out screaming because I'm screaming. Ha. It wasn't our pet-bird; this bird was big and black. I see the bird in our window and scream again - tho I am outside and the bird is inside. So then we head back to the lady's house and call Ben. He's in surgery and we have to wait. But when he does call back he is able to come home in 20 minutes and save us! So we walked back to our home, waited for Ben, hoorayed for when Ben came, hoorayed even louder for when Ben caught the bird and released it back outside. Sheeesh. (The bird got out through our fireplace - the fireplace was not securely latched and birds tend to get stuck in our fireplace).
15. Want to hear my morning today? Emmy crying before 7:30AM. Scrambling to get us all ready to leave to take Miles to school. Lucy crying the whole time. Miles suddenly has to go to the bathroom. Miles doesn't have shoes on. But we made it on time. We come home and. . . a BIRD! LUCKILY our fireplace was securely latched and the bird is just inside the fireplace. I put our giant couch-chair on the hearth to even more securely lock the bird in there. Golly.
16. My kids hardly ever listen to me the first time I ask something.
17. My house is a mess.

(so you can't really hear the bird on the camera. trust me, it's there!)

18. and that is only the tip of the iceberg. . .


i {heart} hawkes said...

i love your honesty. not that it will make you feel any better but i can certainly relate to a lot of your post. and i only have two kiddos to drive me up the wall. ah such is life. i think i will have to copy, or re-create this post for my blog in the future.

erinmalia said...

Congratulations! you're normal! but really, i think you're better than normal. there is NO WAY i could handle four kids the way you do. no freaking way. i think you're doing a great job.

courtney said...

ha ha - i love how you call these the "lowlights". personally, i think this is some of your best writing. the myth that children are ever potty-trained, the yelling, the never listening the first time asked - that is life, right? except the bird. we don't have a chimney, so maybe that is still in my future. :)

rebecca said...

Emily! I think my blog feed is missing your posts for some reason, because I haven't been over here in a few days.

This post is hilarious/made me cry! It is just an exhausting job. I really hear you. It really is the best of times and the worst of times. Somehow it's both every second of every day.

When these days are "a long time ago", this list will be such a treasure.

So crazy about the birds! Any chance Emmy has an ectopic ureter like Madeline? She was smelly and had little squirts of potty too. Turns out she couldn't help it at all.

Anyway, you're doing a great job! There's no turning back now, so carry on! I just know some day we're going to miss this. A lot.

Longest comment ever.