Friday, October 01, 2010

Soccer Clinic 2010

So Jonas got to participate in a soccer clinic - once a week, one hour, for 3 hours. He liked it a lot, but did complain the last day and did NOT want to go. I don't know why. Whenever he goes to Miles' soccer practices he just wants to kick his soccer ball around the whole entire time. But all in all, Jonas had a good time.

Here are some pictures of the final day of clinic:

Goofy Emmy. :)

Jonas in action.

They played a little "game." This is Jonas - he actually kicked the ball in the net and scored a goal. Wahoo. He thinks he "won" a gold medal because of this goal. Awesome.

The gold medal and the very, very proud boy. He loves wearing his "gold medal" and shows it to all sorts of people. He's a cutie soccer kid.

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erinmalia said...

i love that last picture of him! so cute. can you believe he's almost 5?!