Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had such a good weekend. Ben's parents and my parents, plus my sweet Grandma Phyllis, all arrived in town on Friday evening. Just in time for dinner, perfect. Saturday was a busy day spent at a soccer game, primary program practice, Target, raking leaves, scootering down to the hard ware store, dinner at Chilis, and just lots of visiting.

On Sunday we had Lucy's sweet baby blessing. Lucy Dee Maxwell. Such a sweet little babe. She did great during the blessing and didn't make a peep. Then we had a good afternoon visiting some more, the 2 grandboys went on a walk with Grandpa Max and Wilson, we watched the cop-show across the street from us and saw the cops arrest our neighbor (uh not so cool), prepared dinner, and then ate the yummy dinner (pumpkin soup, french bread, and crabapple pie - all homemade and all delicious). After dinner Emmy entertained us with some rousing songs. We ended the evening with us all singing "Called to Serve." What a fun, special day with our family.

Emmy twirling in her Sunday dress and amidst the leaves.

Playing in the raked leaves.


erinmalia said...

jonas's face cracks me up. they both do, really. where's one of emmy? and lucy too! ha.

courtney said...

sounds like a great weekend! and crabapple pie? i didn't know you could put them into a pie!