Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well today we decided to not travel for Thanksgiving. We were going to go to my parent's home for the break, but given the "blizzard conditions" in Utah we just thought it would be wise and safest to stay home. Such a bummer for us all. It was a heart-breaker to have to tell my kids -- who have been talking about Thanksgiving with their grandparents for the past couple of weeks. Gag. But I think they got over it faster than I did (it helped that we decided to go visit the week after Christmas instead).

But the sweet part is that our good friends in town invited us over for Thanksgiving day. If we can't spend the holidays with family, good friends are a very close second.

And check out this cute boy:
He's been all into everything turkey the past week. Making lots of Thanksgiving crafts at school and home. This is but a small fraction of the crafts he has done. He's too cute.


erinmalia said...

i'm so sorry you guys won't be going home, but you'll survive. can't wait to hear about the pie.

Niederfam said...

oh so sweet.........i love miles with all his turkey crafts!

so sorry too, and i hate to say it, but you probably made the right call, it did get pretty ugly here, it passed quickly so it seems but it's FREEZING and windy today, and the roads were NOT good last night.

glad you get to spend the holidays with friends. ENJOY.

happy thanksgiving and maybe just maybe we can meet up after christmas!!!! ;)

courtney said...

sorry you didn't get to go home, but glad you didn't brave the roads. it's not worth it!

anyway, good friends + good food = a good thanksgiving.

(and a trip home around christmas certainly doesn't hurt!)