Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lucy is 3 months

Well Lucy is 3 months old today. She continues to grow and to just be adorable. She loves to smile when you smile at her and she even loves to giggle (my babies have never been big gigglers). She's really into "talking" lately, too, and that is just as equally adorable as her smiles and giggles. She's just too cute and we're all smitten by her charm. Well Emmy is at times - giving her the sweetest of kisses and the cutest of words. But then Emmy turns, uh not so darling, and "punches" (Emmy's words) Lucy in the belly with her flip-flop, while Lucy is in her crib awakening from a nap. SO MAD WAS I. Oh gosh. When I went to get Lucy and realized something was up, I saw a tear streaming down Lucy's face and it was just too sad. I got a little (uh a lot) upset at Emmy for hurting my baby. Don't mess with Mama Bear.

Anyways, Lucy is the best. Really. She naps in her crib during the daytime now. She goes to bed at night in her crib with hardly a fuss. She doesn't mind our cold - and sometimes snowy - walks in the morning to take Miles to school. She gets all bundled up and, once again, is just too cute. Here are pictures I took today and had some fun playing around with at picnik.

(a small p.s. just in case lucy reads this one day and thinks she was the perfect baby. she's not. but darn close. she has her moments throughout the day. but it is the evening that she drives me a little crazy: every evening between 5-6pm she just cries. right at dinnertime. right through the entire dinner. every evening. i know, i know. it's only an hour. i know many people have colicky babies that are only not crying for an hour a day. but, really, crying at 5pm stinks. i'm tired by then. i've dealt with *kid-stuff* all day long. it's just bad timing babe.)


erinmalia said...

oh em the pictures are too cute! i can't wait to meet her.

courtney said...

so cute! and the story about emmy's "punches" for lucy is pretty funny...but i am sure was NOT at the time.

Niederfam said...

So cute........and crying for any amount of time is HARD, but especially at 5pm.....you are COMPLETELY justified! ;)

Sorry about Emmy punching Lucy, just keep telling yourself, she'll be tough at least, right?! Sibling rivalry starts YOUNG!!!

Nicole said...

Darling!! And I love the little 3 mo. sticker (it's a sticker, right?! I've seen them somewhere, adorable!). Glad she's such a good babe!