Monday, November 15, 2010


No, not Mountain Standard Time but Mormon Standard Time.

Anyways, just a few thoughts. So tonite we had a neighbor family over for dessert. Cinnamon Dumplings with Apple Cider Syrup. We had told them to come at 6pm. At 5:55pm I was thinking I had 15 minutes before our guests would arrive - you know, MST. I thought I would have time to change and get Lucy down - well, nope. Guests came 5 minutes early! You kidding me? It was great, though just not what I was expecting.

And then I got a little "gift" from our guests. We've had these neighbors over before and the last time they came I was brought some flowers. Very sweet. Tonite I was given some "vaniljesukker" [ha]. A mix of vanilla and sugar - like in a spice bottle (the gal is from Denmark). Once again, so thoughtful.

I just thought it interesting. Perhaps we in the Mormon culture (or perhaps it's just me and my family!) get too casual in our engagements? Showing up at MST.

Or perhaps it's because we've got the 3.3 kids to get ready wherever we go, while others only have 1.8.


erinmalia said...

i'm an on-time person and others' lateness drives me bonkers. but you're right: i have one kid. it's not so hard as with 3.3

rebecca said...

I'm a "I hope they're at least 5 but more like 10 minutes late" kind of host. I try to be on time, but I assume people assume I'll be a few minutes late. Is is a Mormon thing? And are your stats accurate? Does the general population have 1.8 kids and the Mormon population have 3.3? I've often wondered what the actual stat is. I definitely don't know anyone with 4 or 5 or more kids who aren't Mormon, but I know lots of Mormon families with 4 or more. Most of the families in my ward who are "done" have 5 and several have 6. Why do we do that?!

emily said...

rebecca - those stats are pretty close, i think. the natl. average was stated for 2009. i can't remember where i read the lds one? that one might not be as exact, but i think it's pretty close.

From our family to yours said...

We LOVE that vanilla stuff! Thomas' mom brings it home from denmark for us all the time. we just use it in any recipe that calls for vanilla just like we'd use the liquid. It has a unique flavor, like mexican vannilla to usa kind.COOL 8)

Meg said...

BUUUUUGG! I cannot stand it when people show up early. It annoys when they are right on time but I can't fault them there. But early = grumpy!! And we all know you should never make your host grumpy.