Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ode to Scout

Scout you were a lovely dog
I got you so together we could jog
But you were so big and pulled me so
And I got tired of yelling, Whoa!
I also don't like running in the dark no more
I can't see anything behind or before
So I stopped taking you out with me
And you were left all day in the backyard to pee, pee, pee
And sometimes poop, of course
With droppings as much as a horse
You also enjoyed chewing up wires,
digging up holes, and running into tires -
You almost died when you tried that
But you have 9 lives, just like a cat
Although I thought you real sweet and did love you so
I felt so bad with you out all day and knew you must go
Go somewhere else where there'd be more time for you
Time to play frisbee (you were so good!) and chase, too
So Ben placed an ad on craigslist.com
And along came a family - 2 kids, a dad, and a mom
They loved you - even with you jumping all over them
With all of your great vigor and vim
So they took you to their home, which includes 3 1/2 acres
We the givers, they the takers
2 of us loved you (myself and Miles)
(When you left Miles cried and was devoid of all Smiles)
But hopefully you are in a much better place
And we'll always remember your adorable face


erinmalia said...

oh no! i didn't know this was coming. has miles recovered? and where's the ode to wilson...the dog that won't die?! and p.s. it's a great poem.

emily said...

did i not tell you we were trying to find him a new home?

miles has recovered. it was sad, though. miles is real tender-hearted towards animals. miles definitely wishes scout was around, but he's fine.

yes, someday i need to do a post on wilson. that dog really has 9 lives, too!

i {heart} hawkes said...

such a great poem, love it! i'm sorry he had to go, undertandably so.

rebecca said...

You're so talented with the poems! I always love how you write your Christmas cards unconventionally.

If I were a dog, I think I'd be happy on 3 acres. You gave him a good home, and a good chance to behave. :) Extra hugs for Miles.

courtney said...

nice work! i had no idea of your poetic talents. oh, and sorry about scout...but i'm glad he now has 3.5 acres to roam.

Meg said...

:( my heart is with Miles.

Nicole said...

Wow, you are a great poet!! I'm really impressed!! And I'm sure your doggy is so happy!!

Hans and Michelle said...

I want to sell my dog so badly. You've inspired me to craigslist him. I'm sorry you and Miles are sad.