Friday, November 26, 2010


Well I should have written a whole post dedicated to all that I am thankful for. But I didn't. Life got in my way. But that is exactly what I am thankful for: Life. My Life. My Life that includes a wonderful family, great friends, a home that I adore, health, my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and all else. Okay, not all else. But a lot more. For I do have much to be thankful for.

I don't have a single picture of Thanksgiving Day. Pathetic. So I'll just have to write what happened sans pictures. :(

I did a turkey-trot run that morning. I had registered to run one in Utah at my parent's place, but since we didn't end up going I found a race here in town. Me and about 100 other people braved the 4 degree temperature (no lie, no joke). In fact, because the sun was out (the run started at 9) I actually warmed up and took off my mittens. I would have taken off my hat, too, but I was too lazy to carry it, ha. But the 4.3 mile run was fun, sort of. I loved it, really, but was not expecting to run inclines and hills.

After that I came back home and Ben was finishing up his pie. He then took the 3 older kids out on a walk and I tended to Lucy and started my pie (neither one of our pies turned out too grand. whoops). After lunch our family watched the traditional Thanksgiving-Day movie: Jack Frost. Then around 2ish we headed over to our friends' home and had a splendid rest of Thanksgiving. We visited a lot while our kids ran around and played and made messes. It was lovely. And the meal? Just as I expected: fantastic. A whole lot of fantastic, in fact. Later on in the evening Ben and I played some Wii (one "i" or 2?) Fit. It was my first time ever seeing it - Ben's second. It was super fun! Too bad I didn't kick the kids off earlier so we adults could play longer. :) We did some ski-jumping, juggling, snowball fighting, and marching. Totally fun. But I had to call it a nite so I could get Lucy down before she fell apart - thus leading to me falling apart. The kids had an amazing time, too, and so the day was a definite success.

Except the part where I forgot to take any pictures. So lame. So here is this picture:

A picture of one of the people I am indeed most thankful for. Oh she is just scrumptious.


erinmalia said...

what went wrong with the pies?

courtney said...

i'm curious about the pies too. what gives? :)

and i'm OK with you not getting thanksgiving pictures because the picture of lucy you did post makes up for it. seriously! is there a cuter, plump-cheeked baby out there? i just want to kiss her cheeks!

emily said...

so nothing horrible with the pies, just not great. i made a pumpkin pie - but it didn't bake in the oven, just over the stove. it didn't totally set up. but we did put it in the freezer that nite and ate it the next day - much better.

ben made a cranberry-raisin pie, which sounds awesome. but it just wasn't. not bad, just not awesome. oh well, better luck next year!