Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ben is Old

Ben had a birthday yesterday and at first Miles, who thought Ben was turning 25, told his dad that "You're not old, not until you're in your middle 30s." Whoops, that officially makes Ben old seeing as he turned 35.

I told Diana (Ben's mom) that I don't know how she made his birthday special as a kid because his birthday is such bad timing. :) After Jonas' birthday and getting everything ready for Christmas, Ben's birthday just kind of comes along and happens. And I know that birthday celebrations aren't really for adults, but I still feel bad that his birthdays aren't spectacular. Because he is.

But because of this ridiculous weather we're having (waaaay to warm - like 50s. and waaaaaaaaaaaay too much wind - like wake-up and scare Miles wind.) Ben spent a few hours in the morning in the backyard. (I was at Miles' school helping out for a couple of hours.) Jonas and Emmy built a fort or something. Ben played in the compost. Not literally in. He organized his garage. Manly things like that.

But the big celebration of the day (of all his birthdays now) is decorating our gingerbread houses. We started the tradition of doing it on Ben's birthday a few years ago and it's great. It makes the day fun for the children, at least. :)

At first I helped Emmy with her house by placing the icing where she wanted me to and then she would place the candies. But then she decided she wanted to do it all on her own and she did awesome. I love this picture of her squirting out a great big pink blob. Love it.

And here's her finished product - she's so proud! I love how it turned out.

Jonas had a blast doing his house, too. The boys were all on their own. It's fun to see what they do. Jonas was pretty pleased with it!

And Miles with his house. We named it "Winter Wonderland." You can't see too well in the picture but he has white frosting ("snow") everywhere. Pretty darn awesome.

Here they all are. From picture L-R: Ben, Emily, Miles, Jonas, Emmy. I really love Ben's home.

And here is the old man with his kiddos. Such a handsome father with his adorable children. We all love Ben. A whole lot.


erinmalia said...

aw...happy birthday Ben! Glad to hear you've grown out of the playing "in" compost stage.

rebecca said...

What a great tradition. And your family is just beautiful. That picture of Ben with all the kids is priceless. Happy Birthday.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday to Ben!! I'm going to need to call his mother and see how she made it special as well- that is a predicament we are facing now too!! Looks like a fun day- the houses turned out great. What a fun tradition!

From our family to yours said...

happy birthday! you guys are so awsome and we truely are blessed to be friends!

Niederfam said...

Ah.....so cute. getting old takes on a VERY new #### and meaning when you are in fact, getting oldER.......I used to think WOW 30 that's pushing it, but alas I am now OVER 30, barely, but still, and you know what? I still kinda feel the same as I did in HS, but just with a husband and 3 kids!!!

Happy Birthday to a GREAT guy!!!! From what I read. ;) and have SEEN......