Friday, December 24, 2010

An Early Christmas Eve

By early I mean the kids waking up at 5:15am today. Ben told them to stay quiet and they did - well Emmy did some loud singing around 6:15ish, I think, but they did pretty good. Waiting until a little bit before 7 to come out of their rooms. I wonder what time they'll wake up on actual Christmas Day? Only a few more hours to find out. . .

Miles put his hat on Lucy and just thought it the cutest thing. It sure was. Miles took this picture.

We went up to the "forest" to play in some snow (thank goodness there was some - it was a close call!) and have a fire. So fun!

Fire-sticks! Smokey would not be proud.

Yes, indeed, there were some chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Ben liked them. I didn't really. Kind of. Kind of not. Ben thought at first they tasted like butternut squash, then potatoes, then hashbrowns. Weird.

Eating lunch in the snow.

Emmy really liked peeling the chestnuts. . .

But did not enjoy eating them!

Lucy all bundled up. Oh she is my Christmas Gift indeed.

Happy Christmas Eve!!


Meg said...

Cute cute!!! Where'd you get the kids pjs? Love how they have their names on them. LOVE the picture of you and Lucy. She just seems like such a happy little thing. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
Love to all!

erinmalia said...

oh man, i'm so jealous of all the outdoor things you guys get to do. the chestnuts cracked me up. and those pjs are awesome.

courtney said...

who knew that chestnuts roasted on an open fire would taste so different every time? that outing looked pretty dreamy. the *perfect* christmas outing, if you ask me. :)