Thursday, December 02, 2010


Meet our elf, Eljin. Ben grew up with a similar looking elf at his home. We acquired Eljin a few years ago. He is Santa's helper in our home. He arrives in our home the day after Thanksgiving. He watches everything our kids say and do - his big ears are especially good at catching everything that is said. He relates this all to Santa, of course. He changes his sitting place every nite.

The kids love waking up in the morning and finding out where Eljin is. They talk to him. They remind each other, "Eljin just heard/saw you do that!" I don't even have to say it. They draw him pictures to give to Santa (and put him in a little Christmas-mailbox I bought for $2 at an antique store).

We didn't plan on all this when we got Eljin. It just sort of evolved. . .

Long Live Eljin!


erinmalia said...

so are they better behaved because of eljin? that cracks me up. and who named him?

i {heart} hawkes said...

genius idea. where did you find elfin? don't tell me he arrived from the north pole. i don't have the means to travel there any time soon. (he he)

courtney said...

i gotta get me an eljin!

Emily said...

Holidays and kids are so fun!! What a fun tradition! Can't wait to get to play 'Santa' to our little girl in a few years!