Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jonas' Birthday, Take 5

Ah-ha, finally! Jonas gets to celebrate his 5th birthday! (The shirt is my first attempt at freezer-paper stenciled shirts. Ben helped out with it, too.)

Bright and early: opening up one present in the morning.

Jonas - the boy of many silly and adorable faces. Enjoying breakfast (fun cereal!) and balloons.

Jammin' on his new guitar. Too bad the picture is blurry cuz he's so cute in it.

A little clearer and still cute.

Jonas and his birthday cake. I loved how the cake turned out - I think it looked better in "real life." But it was pretty awesome. Thanks to Ben and all his great help! Jonas loved it and "decorated" it with his pirate toys.

Going to bed in his new "tent." I don't think he lasted too long sleeping in it, though. But he does love it and is actually "napping" in it right now. :)

I hope it was a good day for Jonas. He got some other fun toys like: a bakugan, don't break the ice game, some toy dirt-bikes and riders, a mini (as in 2-inch) skateboard, target gift card, CARS puzzle book, clothes, a movie, and a castle lego set. Coooool.


i {heart} hawkes said...

his shirt turned out great! happy birthday to my fellow sagittariun.

erinmalia said...

that cake is Amazing. Capital A. you did it?! dang. and glad everything else went well. can you believe he'll be in kindergarten next year?! happy birthday jonas!

Emily said...

I had "don't break the ice" when I was little. It was one of my favorites for sure. I'm glad he had such a great birthday!!

Nicole said...

So fun! I can't believe he's 5! Wow!! The cake is amazing Emily!! Nice job!

Niederfam said...

Oh my boys LOVE don't break the ice........Happy birthday Jonas!!!! So so cute..........I LOVE the cake too! That is really AMAZING!!!!!

And little Lucy is just so precious and YES, my Emery usually wins "favorite" of the week too, In fact yesterday I was all ready to CANCEL Christmas, SERIOUSLY!!!! ;)

Fun updates......;)

rebecca said...

Wow! What a great cake! Happy 5th birthday, Jonas.

The pic of Jonas and Lucy in your letter post is so precious. I love that you write a letter to your kids every year on their birthday - something I'd really like to do too.

courtney said...

man - jonas is one lucky kid! aren't birthdays (when you are a kid) magical? he looks like he had a magical birthday. i'll be sure not to show this post to my little sam so that he doesn't see what he is missing when we have his birthday next week! :)

happy birthday jonas!